About Peru Job Training Centers 
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MM reaches the people of Lima and Mala, Peru through specialized job training outreaches. MM Partner Marcos Venegas teaches several semesters of classes every year in useful trades like electricity and melamine. During each four-month session, students learn how to wire homes, repair broken machines, build furniture and more. MM also sponsors vocational training programs in hairdressing and cosmetology. 
Some VTC Students live in radical poverty. The Job Training Outreach helps to give low-income Peruvians a new chance at life. Every graduate leaves with sufficient experience to begin working in carpentry, electricity, hairdressing or cosmetology. Many former students now run successful businesses to provide for their families! Even minors complete the program to get a head-start on a successful life.
Marcos Venegas and other VTC helpers use the classes as a springboard for the gospel. According to Venegas, the majority of VTC students come to Christ by the time they graduate. “That’s why we do it,” Marcos told us.
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Currently DEFUNCT