Burmese Families Are Fleeing War for Survival. Here’s How You Can Help Them Through

Myanmar’s Christians desperately need our help. The country has been embroiled in civil war since 2021, leaving countless people destitute, in peril, and fearing for their survival.
Recently, Pastor P., wrote to request aid for Christians who have fled home to escape the terror of war:
“I ask for your help. Not long ago, intense warfare broke out in ____, where my father lives. On that day, my father and whole family had to flee home to escape the conflict. They still can’t return—nor do we know if the house still stands or has been burned down. They face extreme difficulties, lacking food and other basic needs. In the name of Jesus, I am pleading for help. Thank you very much.”
The struggle of P’s family is horrifying—but they aren’t the only ones fleeing to survive. FTS leader David S. informed us that myriad cities and villages have been burned down in the war, and many are fleeing into the jungle. The people of Myanmar need our help—and Jesus’s hope—more than ever.
Offer Jesus’s Hope to Burma’s Fleeing Families
We humbly ask: will you share the honor of helping these precious people? They need more than prayer; they need practical help offered in Jesus’s name. Our partners are ready to deliver help and hope to these fleeing families. Right now, you can provide a relief package for one family for only $95.
Your donation will provide:
  • 110-pound bags of rice,
  • three boxes of noodles,
  • and a first aid/medicine kit for each family.
We’d love to raise funds to serve at least twenty families. If we receive more, FTS will purchase blankets and large tents to further bless and protect these precious people.
How You Can Help Burmese Families Survive Today
This is a powerful opportunity to share Jesus’s hope, no matter the size of your contribution. To touch these families today, simply
  1. Click the green button below to donate now,
  2. pray for God’s protection and peace,
  3. and know God has used you to bring Jesus’s hope and relief to Myanmar’s destitute.
Thanks in advance. May God bless your generosity!