Thailand: Native Missionaries
67,188,000 people (98.6%) with minimal exposure to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Only 1.3% profess Christ in any way. Yet the gospel is increasing with great strength. Message Ministries supports labors in the ripe harvest field of Thailand.
Missionary Profiles
Thai Pastor Isara has dedicated his life to shine Christ’s light in gospel-darkened Thailand. Compelled by Christ’s love, he reaches the unreached of Thailand through evangelism, consistent discipleship, and evangelism training! Click here to learn more about Pastor Isara.
Thai Evangelist Fon is a young evangelist dedicated to reaching and discipling the children, youth, and young adults of Chiang Rai, Thailand. You can fully support Evangelist Fon for only $100 a month.
Evangelist Poppy evangelizes the young people of Chiang Rai, Thailand through basketball outreaches. He works directly with FTS leader David S. in his church.
You can fully support Evangelist Poppy for only $100 a month!