About Corazones en Fuego
Youth Discipleship Program

Notice: Corazones en Fuego is not currently active, but we expect it to return in the future. 

Corazones en Fuego is a discipleship program dedicated to making missions-minded youth and young adults. In CEF, seasoned Christian leaders take young Christians under their wings by teaching, training, and leading missions to reach Peru with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The groups meet together regularly to study the Bible, pray, worship, fellowship and prepare for ministry events.

Youth join Corazones en Fuego by heartily completing an eight-week Christian discipleship course called “Living on Fire.” After passing this course, members spread the gospel all around the nation of Peru through local outreaches and short-term mission trips. Members preach the gospel through eyeglass clinics, outreaches, youth camps and more — and everyone plays an important role. Each member learns to win souls, share their testimony, preach, and exercise their particular gifts to the church’s edification.

 Corazones en Fuego aims to equip and train young Christian leaders so that they can serve more effectively in their local congregations. Many CEF members go on to play a prominent role in local churches by leading missions teams and more. CEF has also inspired local churches to take in-country mission trips of their own.

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