Supporting Cambodian 

Multitudes of Cambodians plunge into eternity every year without ever hearing of Jesus Christ. Cambodia’s lost souls need Jesus more than ever! Will you join our rescue mission? 

Message Ministries is partnering with Cambodia’s Christian leaders to reach its unreached millions. Through effective evangelism, long-term discipleship, church planting initiatives and Christian leadership training, we are reaching the unreached and training new disciples to do the same. 
You can help us cover Cambodia with God’s great news! Why not support a Cambodian church planter for only $150 a month? Your donation will provide a church planter’s entire monthly livelihood so they can labor hard reaching the unreached. 

Join the Mission! Click the button below to adopt an indigenous church planter for only $150 a month. 

(Under “Frequency,” choose “Monthly” to support your church planter each month)
TEXT GIVING: If you prefer to donate through SMS, text CAMBODIACP & $150 to 1-727-877-3224 (1-727-877-REACH)