About Chinese Evangelist W.

Study. Work. Succeed. Many of China’s young people tirelessly dedicate themselves to this formula for success — but still feel profoundly hopeless after all their effort. Free to Serve’s Evangelist W. has devoted his life to freeing China’s young people from the chains of hopelessness through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Evangelist W. actively ministers on the campus of a Chinese university. A kind and likable 20-something, W. befriends fellow students, develops trust, and soon preaches the eternal gospel of Jesus Christ. W’s labors have born great fruit: more than 40 young people came to Christ in his first three years at university. When one of W.’s friends responds to the gospel, W. introduces them to a church that can disciple them and continues making new redemptive relationships. W’s newly converted friends have often led their own friends to Christ, resulting in exponential Kingdom growth.

Evangelist W. is driven by a piercing vision of the hopelessness so prevalent in China. W. remembers life without Christ and wants to introduce everyone he knows to the God who transformed His life. This drive for Christian hope inspires him to share Christ wherever he can: at school, at work, and while out relaxing. When he graduates, he plans to expand his evangelistic ministry by planting house churches that can reach Chinese villages for Christ.

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