Thailand: Evangelist S.
About 67,188,000 people (98.6%) with minimal gospel exposure. Only 1.3% profess Christ in any way. Yet the message of Jesus Christ is increasing with great strength. Evangelist S. is reaching the unreached peoples of Thailand with the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.

S. was born into a churchgoing family, but his parents divorced when he was only a child. This painful separation left S. feeling crushed and abandoned. “He felt like he couldn’t rely on his parents’ love, so he sought love from friends,” MM Partner David S told us. “But he ended up making  friends with drug addicts, and before long, they pulled him into their dark lifestyle.” Soon, S. found himself hooked on a heavy drug which many children buy for the price of candy. His downward spiral continued for years, inspiring S’s Christian loved ones to prayer.

After High School, S’s mother sent him to Bible school. At first, the Bible classes had little effect on him. He listened closely to each lesson, but when class dismissed he went right back to his drugs and alcohol. “He knew about God, but it was just religion,” David S. told us. “He didn’t believe from the heart.”
But S’s world changed forever when he witnessed God’s miraculous power first-hand. Suddenly, he realized that Jesus Christ wasn’t an imaginary storybook character, but the living God who loves us and desires to transform our lives. Soon, he devoted his life to Jesus and received the call to become a church planter.

Today, S. is working hard to win Thailand to Jesus Christ after several years of fruitful ministry in Burma. He spends most days building redemptive relationships in homes, soccer fields, and anywhere else God leads. “He has made a lot of non-believing friends,” David S told us. “First he builds relationships, and then slowly shares the gospel. He has led many to Christ this way.”

Snee also uses musical instruction as a bridge to win the lost, disciple believers, and prepare Christian youth for their God-given musical callings. Snee divides his classes into two groups—disciples and non-believers. This schedule helps him consistently strengthen the saved and evangelize the lost. However, he often unites both groups, encouraging his Christian students to share Jesus with their non-believing classmates. As a result, several students have come to the Lord, and more are on their way! He also led many Burmese youth to Jesus using this method before moving to Thailand.. We feel so grateful for God’s work through Evangelist Snee.

Evangelist S. seeks to model New Testament evangelism by preaching clearly and demonstrating Jesus’ miraculous power. “It’s very clear that Evangelist S. has the spiritual gift of healing [1 Corinthians 12:9],” David S. told us. “Sometimes the healing happens instantly, and other times it happens after a few days. But God has used Evangelist S. to heal deafness, paralysis, and more.” Sometimes Evangelist S. even visits hospitals to minister to the sick, and God has healed many as a result.

Evangelist S. is driven by a yearning for the salvation of his generation. “He strongly desires to see young people transformed,” David S. told us. “He knows what it’s like to live addicted, and he longs to see young souls saved, transformed, freed from drugs, and enlisted in God’s work. He believes that if he reaches young people, those young people will reach many others.” Please take a moment and pray that God will use Evangelist S. to win many from his generation to Jesus.

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