How the Christmas Blessing Project Works
1. You donate towards a child’s gift. A gift in the third-world costs about as much as a cup of coffee in America — $5. Donation is easy. Just click the green donate button below. 
2. Message Ministries distributes your donation to evangelical ministry partners around the world— especially in locations where few know Christ.
3. Our ministry partners buy gifts appropriate to the needs they know. Some ministers give toys, others school supplies, others clothes, others more practical items — but all offer the gift of salvation in Jesus Christ. 
4. Close to December 25th, our partners hold a Christmas celebration. They distribute gifts, offer Christmas treats, and share the eternal gospel of Jesus Christ.
5. For the remainder of the year, our ministry partners disciple many of these children and adults through personal relationships and various ministries.
This yearly blessing demonstrates God’s love to those who otherwise probably would not receive Christmas gifts and proclaims the gospel to many who otherwise would not hear of Christ.  
Would you or your church like to
bless children this Christmas?
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