January 2023: A Look Back at 2022, and a Glimpse Forward!

As we look back at 2022, we can only praise God for his faithfulness, provision, and blessing. The Lord allowed us to accomplish so much together last year! We give God all the glory—we could never have borne this fruit apart from God’s grace, mercy, and power!
Missionary Partnerships in 2022
Last year, we had the honor of sponsoring 33 indigenous missionaries, pastors, evangelists, ministry workers, and ministries in the 10/40 Window and Peru (including the children’s home in Laos and the orphanage in India). Furthermore, despite the economy, we added 7 new native missionaries to our team. With your monthly support, these partners led a great multitude to the Lord Jesus Christ worldwide. Now, these new believers receive discipleship right where they live—from the small, unknown villages of Cambodia, India, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand, to larger population centers like Amritsar, Delhi, Phnom Penh, and Lima. We praise God for what He has done! Thank you for helping these partners welcome the lost into God’s eternal family through the gospel of grace! Many who began last year in total darkness are now basking in the light of God’s love.

God’s Provision in 2022

We also praise God for adding new supporters to our MM family in 2022. Some had to pause their sponsorships due to financial difficulties—but God is our provider and uses us all in different ways, seasons, and places. Despite financial hardships in America, God used you to help us meet every commitment made in 2022. We trust Him to do the same in 2023! We’ll continue to prioritize reaching the unreached in the 10/40 Window above all else.

We are also grateful for those who have devoted to praying for Message Ministries. You play an essential role in God’s mission! We’re pressing onto accomplish God’s work—and we couldn’t do it without you who’ve heard the call of prayer.

Kids from the CBP outreach at an unreached village in Myanmar/Burma
2022: A Year of Discipleship Resources
In 2022, we also created many resources for evangelism and discipleship. First, we published Invasion of Light as a discipleship resource for missions-minded Christians worldwide. This detailed handbook is available in English and Spanish, and we’re thrilled to report we’ve received wonderful responses from readers. It has already been distributed to Christian leaders in Peru and Nicaragua, and has been used as a missionary training resource in Costa Rica.
In June, we also launched a new audio and video discipleship resource—Invasion of Light Podcast. This show serves as a companion to the book, and has tens of thousands of views on YouTube along with hundreds of audio downloads. Cynthia Weller is transcribing these videos so viewers abroad can watch with accurate subtitles in their language. This is an incredible way to influence Christians all around the world with the message of missions, evangelism, and discipleship. We will record more episodes in 2023—we must encourage believers to shine the light of Jesus Christ as the days get darker! For more about the book and podcast, please visit www.invasionoflight.tv.
Also, JJ’s evangelistic book, The Cure for Death, was translated into Italian this year. Some believers in Italy found the book, translated it, and encouraged us to seek distribution through Italy’s branch of Christian Literature Crusade. Right now, La Cura per la Morte is available as a free eBook, and soon it will become available as a free paperback through CLC. We had an opportunity to print 2,000 at an unbelievable cost, and we can’t wait to give this evangelistic tool to Italy’s Christians to help them win their neighbors. May many find the Cure for death—Jesus Christ! Next, we hope to translate it into Khmer, Vietnamese, and more. For more about this book, visit www.Curefordeath.net.
Overall, last year we had the privilege to minister to thousands online through our evangelistic books, videos, and audio messages. Our content reached countless nations, including Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Croatia, England, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kent, Malaysia, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Spain, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, and more. Praise God for such an incredible open door!
Our small staff recently discussed our plans for discipleship resources in 2023, and we’ve placed many meaningful projects on the docket. We can’t wait to see what the Lord accomplishes!
Cambodian women listening to the gospel during a CBP outreach
Other 2022 Highlights
Last year, I (Brian) took missions to Peru—the first to minister in churches and the second to build three prefab homes for families in need alongside our partners. JJ and Cynthia also enjoyed a fruitful ministry trip to Peru early in the year.
We also witnessed wonderful fruit through Jim Randall’s ministry in Southeast Asia. Around Christmas, he printed over 25,000 evangelistic coloring books in several languages, reaching children in Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and more. He is preparing to print and disburse many more through native ministry partners to teach children about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Please keep praying for Jim as he labors in the 10/40 Window. He hosts weekly revival prayer meetings and teaches at Bible studies on university campuses in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Cambodian children holding their Christmas gifts during a CBP outreach
Christmas Blessing Project 2022
This Christmas, with your help, we provided gifts and the gospel to thousands in Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Peru. Many received Jesus and joined local churches! You can find video reports of many of the outreaches on the review page of our new CBP website.
In His service,
Brian Weller
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