July 2015

 GOD IS ABLE TO… by JJ Weller

2015 PEru - JJ WellerIn Ephesians 3:20, Paul says that God is “able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we could ever ask or think according to the Spirit at work within us.” What is the greatest place of personal holiness that you could ever ask for or think of? The greatest empowerment for ministry? Whatever comes to mind, be sure – it is exceedingly and abundantly below all that God is able to do through the Spirit at work within you. God’s treasury is infinite, and He waits for us to plunder it through prayer and faith. How much depth in our relationship with God is forfeited just because of laziness in prayer?
We all should begin to cry out to God in faith to flood every area of our lives – moral, ministry, and more. After all, He has promised to give the Holy Spirit to whoever asks (Luke 11:13). When we do receive a fresh touch from God for ministry, It’s easy to think that we have “arrived”. We settle for last year’s “anointing”, and never press forward to a higher level of usefulness. Avoiding this, In preparation for our recent Peru trip, we made it a point to ask God to do more through us than He had done the previous year. If God has promised to exceed our expectations, then it is only right to be desperate for more. We should never be satisfied to stay in one place. I remember it being prayed many times in our Peru meetings – “God, we don’t want last year’s results. We want a fresh move of your Holy Spirit.”
2015 Cross Street Peru 261
And, praise God, that is what we got! I think that this year we saw more come to Christ than we had ever seen before. Many times, when I saw a lost person, a holy determination came on me, and I thought, “That one, Lord! Bring that one!”. To my delight, the Lord seemed to draw them to Himself almost every time. In times of two-on-one ministry, It was wonderful to watch the Holy Spirit convict of sin, testify to hearts about Jesus, and draw them to repentance and faith within only a few minutes. Almost every person that received prayer for physical healing professed to have been healed. Seeing God’s personal ministry to believers through prayer was quite new to me. Often when we prayed, laying hands2015-06-21 21.13.51 on them, the Holy Spirit seemed to visit them and heal their hearts, convict of sin, impart faith, grant supernatural rest – you name it. It is amazing what God will do through willing vessels – irrespective of age.
This world must be reached with the Gospel. Jesus gave up His’ life to save this world. Will we give up our lives for the same purpose? It’s God’s will that this world be saved. Is it yours?
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THE HOUSE ON A HILL  by Anne Weller

2015 Cross Street Peru - Seis de Abril
The bus let us off at the corner.  We hiked up a short hill that looked out over Seis de Abril.  This is one of the poorer areas of Nuevo Pachacutec.  People have found their way here from all over Peru.  Most have come to Lima with visions of a beautiful life in the city and the promise of jobs and education – every man’s dreams.  When they get here they quickly realize that this is not the Lima they dreamed of.  Jobs are impossible to find and living in Lima City apartments is not an option for the poor.  They come to the human settlements above the city of Lima where there is a promise of land to those who homestead a lot for a specified period of time.  
According to a Reuters report 2015 Cross Street Peru 076there are about 160,000 people living in this area, but it’s hard to have an accurate estimate.  Houses do not have street numbers and streets do not have names.  There is just shack upon shack scattering and filling the hillsides as far up as you can look.  At night time the lights of Pachacutec shine like stars, but in the day the reality of poverty is blinding.  This is third world Peru. 
There are barrels of water at 2015-06-22 11.24.47many houses, basic 50 gallon garbage containers filled with water that has to be hiked up this deep sandy hill, 5 gallons at a time.  There are small wash tubs with dirty clothes that have to be washed with that water.  There are meals to be cooked, bodies to be washed and drinking glasses that will be filled with that same water. Sanitation is pit latrines.   Each family here lives by the prayer “Give us O Lord our daily bread”, because there are no refrigerators or freezers in these homes.  Jobs up here are just as hard to come by.  Thankfully there are feeding centers that will help the families get by. 
We continued our journey, 2015 Cross Street Peru 067down a steep hill then a two block walk from the bottom of the hill where the lot for Jenny and Percy’s house is.  They have 4 children: Wilson 2 months, Angel Gabriel 2,  Paolo 3,  and  Julio 7.   We hiked up the deep, loose, sandy hillside. It was the kind of sand that your shoes sink up to the ankles in.  Just climbing to the top of that hill left me breathless.  I had to sit for a good 20 minutes to recover from that hike! 
I looked out among the shacks that filled the hillside – homes for people living in such harsh conditions.  The winds blow cold and damp during these winter days.  Jenny came up the hill carrying the newborn, followed by the two toddlers.  I can’t imagine walking up that hill every day. Their only option is to walk up and down for whatever they need.  No buses or taxis will go this far up.  No matter what they need it will always have to be hiked up this hill. 
Our team worked tirelessly for 2015 Cross Street Peru 127two days putting together the prefab house and staining the outside.  The house has a rudimentary electric system that allows for lights in each small room. Hopefully they will have electric soon.  We borrowed some from a neighbor to make sure everything worked properly.  On the last day a small group of us went to the market and bought bunk beds and a table and chairs for the family.  It was dusk by the time the furniture was dropped off at the bottom of the hillside.  The whole group, along with the little boys  and Jenny came down to help carry mattresses, a bunk bed, a table and chairs up the hill.  The team assembled the bunk bed in the little room in the back.  The little boys were giddy with excitement as it came together.  We had not seen them smile like that during the past two days.
2015 Cross Street Peru 208
We gathered everyone together and said a prayer of dedication.  Jenny had tears streaming down her face and said, “Thank you for giving my children a better place to live.”  We took pictures.  Outside the window the lights of Pachacutec were shining like a million stars.
2015 Cross Street Peru - Seis De Abril Night2015 Cross Street Peru 214

2015 Cross Street Peru - Youth Camp

2015 - Cross Street Peru - PRefab Home
2015 Cross Street Peru 217

2015 Cross Street Peru 017

2015 Cross Street Peru 063
2015 Cross Street Peru 070

2015 Message Ministries Banner

Randall Mission Update by Brian Weller

Please pray for Jim Randall as he goes to Nigeria – Africa for the month of August.  He has been ministering faithfully in Southeast Asia and will continue to do so, but God has opened this door to Nigeria.  Jim had a word many years ago that he would minister in Africa one day, and after many years that time has come for him to GO. While there, he will minister to thousands of leaders all over Nigeria.


Would you please join us in prayer as we help to send Jim to Nigeria.  We truly believe it is God’s time for him to go.  He has so many valuable insights to share with leaders wherever he is.  Jim’s heart and the heart of Message Ministries are to help equip indigenous leaders to reach their nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Those of you that know Jim, know he is a leader of leaders and that he has so much to offer ministry leaders as well as anyone who is seeking to follow the Lord.
Please post this ministry schedule and pray for him daily.  Where possible, we have included the times and places where Jim is scheduled to minister.  Please pray for wisdom as he ministers and pray that the Holy Spirit would use him to encourage and exhort these men and women of God.  Also, please pray for health and for the finances needed to travel throughout Nigeria for a whole month.  Jim is trusting the Lord to meet the needs associated with this trip and we are trusting the Lord with him.
Jim wrote some booklets on leadership which he plans on printing before he goes to Nigeria.  If you would like to help with the cost of that, your support is welcome.  On his behalf, I want to thank you supporting Jim through your prayers and/or financial support.  Without you he could not do what God has called him to do and I know that God is doing wonderful things through his ministry.  We are all blessed to be a small part of that. 
Thank you and may God bless you,   Brian Weller   


August  2 — 9 til Noon

Assembles of God – Ereko

Topic: Church and the Great Commission

August  2 — 4 til  6pm

Egbin Power Station Christian Fellowship – Ikorodu, Lagos

Topic: Business as Missions

Aug.   4-7 — 3 hours Daily

Lagos MegaShift Business Meeting
Topic: Business as Missions
August  8 — 8:00am
MBFC Managing Business with Christ – Lagos
Topic: Business as Missions

August  9 — 9 til Noon
Assemblies of God – Alagbole
Topic: Church and the Great Commission

Christ Faith Church Annual Convention
Topics: Discipleship, Mentoring and Business as Missions
August 15
SVM2 South – Leaders from Different Denominations
Topic: Business as Missions
August 16 — 9 til Noon 
Christ Faith Church – Akwa-ibom
Topic: Church and the Great Commission
Aug. 17-19
MBFC Managing Business with Christ – Lagos
Topic:  Business as Missions
Aug. 20-22
Church Growth – Leaders from Different Denominations – Lagos
Topic:  Business as Missions
August  23 — 9 til Noon
Assemblies of God – Victoria Island
Topic: Church and the Great Commission
August  23 — 2 til 6pm
Assemblies of God – Victoria Island
Topic: Church and the Great Commission
Aug. 24-29
Scripture Union Annual Conference at Camp of Hope – Okigwe
Teaching every day.
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