Laos: Pastor S.
Oppressive Communism. Widespread drug addiction. 79.8% have minimal exposure to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yet Jesus is moving in saving power. MM partner Pastor S. has dedicated his life to the salvation of unreached Laos.
Before Christ, Pastor S. lived in chains of addiction. Dominated by drugs and alcohol, S. lost all hope. But his despair would not last forever. Soon, devoted Christians met him and shared the salvation message. S. received Christ and God radically transformed his life. He soon received a call to the ministry.
Today, Pastor S. is hard at work for Laos’ salvation. Through the decades, S. has planted churches in many Laotian villages, winning hundreds to Jesus Christ and introducing many to the call of God. His calling as a church planter continues today. He serves as a spiritual leader at multiple church plants, preaching at his main congregation two Sundays a month, and at other congregations the other two. But now, he’s also investing in the next generation of Laotian church planters by serving as pastor to ten church-planters around Laos.
Pastor S. also acts as the guardian and spiritual leader of a home for persecuted Christian children. The Laos Children’s Home provides food, shelter, care, education and discipleship for 16 Laotian children who have been forbidden from village schools. God has powerfully used Pastor S’ labor of love to strengthen these child disciples and save many village families. Many of the children in Laos Children’s home will likely grow to enter Bible school and pursue Christian ministry.
Pastor S. Is driven by a heavenly zeal to disciple young people who can reach all of Asia. MM Partner David S. revealed S’s heart — “S. Knows that one day he will get old, but if he reaches the current generation, they can reach the generation after him.” One day he hopes to open a ministry training center in Laos.
Feather Sound Church of Clearwater, Florida has already been financially adopted Laotian Pastor S. To adopt another church planter, browse Adopt a Ministry!