On this page you’ll find information and updates on the various mission opportunities available to you.  For more specific information about each ministry just go to the drop down menu provided or hit the link associated with each category.

Many people want to help with world missions but are strapped financially and feel that their “small” gift cannot make a difference. But it can and you can!

Every month we receive many donations that are $20 to $50.  Those donations add up to hundreds of dollars which in turn support Feeding Centers, Orphanages, Indigenous missionaries and more!

We invite you to sign up to be a SENDER.  Your donation of $30 can be earmarked for any of our outreaches and 100% will go towards that ministry.  If you would like to sign up today to be a SENDER just hit the link below.

Below are some of the ministries that you can help support as a SENDER. Please note any size donation will help! Donations can be made on this page through our Paypal drop down link and recurring donations can be made on our DONATE page.

The Give-A-Home Project is a marvelous way to give a family a new start in life.  Here’s how it works: Through the local churches we work with in Lima, Peru, we find a family who is living in primitive conditions. Usually they have no floor, windows and sometimes no doors on their current dwelling. We accompany the local pastor to notify the family that they have been chosen to receive a new home through the Give-A-Home Project. That is always a joy-filled moment! To see a parent or parents who are doing all they can to survive in third-world conditions learn that they are about to receive a new home is deeply moving.

We purchase the pre-fab home kit and one of our mission teams from the USA or Peru constructs it. These homes are small, about 5 x 6 meters, but have four separate rooms including space for a bathroom, although most of the people don’t have running water.  The pre-fab homes also have cement floors, windows, doors, and in most cases electricity.

You can make a donation for all or part of a pre-fab home by using our donation link at the right side of this page.

The total cost of a pre-fabricated home is $1,950 



This center was established in 2004 and is a part of a local church led by Pastor Fabian and his wife, Cecilia. It’s located in the sandy slums of Lima, Peru. Fifty to sixty children are fed three afternoons a week at this center. At all of our feeding centers, the children are also provided with teachings from the Bible.


This feeding program was established in April, 2008 and it serves meals four times a week. It is an outreach of a local church led Pastor Gilberto and his wife, Doris. It is located near and old dump. Many of the local people make a living by recycling items from the dump.


This feeding program was established in August, 2008. Children are fed there twice a week. We work there with Pastor Carlos and his wife, Veronica. It’s located in the higher elevation area of Pachacutec.

VALLE VERDE – Lima, Peru

Valle Verde is very poor! Here, Pastor Jose and his wife, Amanda, oversee a weekly feeding ministry and outreach.

COSTA AZUL – Lima, Peru

This feeding program was established in 2005. Here we help Pastor Everth and his wife, Marabelle, who oversee a weekly feeding program on Saturdays in this very poor community.


This feeding program was established in 2009. Here we help Adela put on a weekly feeding ministry/outreach. This is located in Pachacutec.


This feeding program was established in July, 2010 and serves children once a week. Cristo Vive Church has been in Pachacutec for 10 years. When we visited this summer, we were the first help they have ever received.

BOLEGNESI – Lima, Peru

This feeding ministry is in Bolegnesi, an area in Callao, Peru. It’s a desperately poor area, and the needs are great. We work with Luz and her husband, Guillermo, who have a little church and ministry to children in their neighborhood.

6TH DE ABRIL – Lima, Peru

This ministry is in one of the highest and poorest areas of Pachacutec in Lima, Peru. The needs are great. Here we work with Pastor Carlos and Veronica who also host the ministry in La Gorila.  This area is at the top of the hill in Pachacutec and one of the last areas for people to move into in the sandy slum




There are about 15 children in this home, as well as a Christian pastor, his wife and another Christian couple who serve as house parents. The material and educational needs of the children are being met, and they are being fed spiritually through the teaching of God’s Word. There is a church that meets in the home, where people are being discipled to Jesus. Laos is one of the few remaining communist nations, and is a volatile area for Christians. When I visited this home, I was extremely impressed with the children and the leaders. We want to do what we can to help! Some of these children have been rescued from human trafficking and this home is their place of rescue.

The Cost to Help Sponsor a Child is $30 a month
The Total Cost per month is $800


Working with our friend David S. in Southeast Asia we are able to support the pastors and missionaries he has been training and sending out into China, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand.  These dear men and women are planting churches in unreached areas.The total cost to sponsor these pastor/missionaries is $100 to $200 which includes their transportation expenses.

The Cost to Help Sponsor is $30 a month

CAMBODIA – JAMES SANN – Indigenous Missionary

James has been working in the slums of Pnomh Penh for quite a few years.  He ministers to the people there and also is reaching out to a remote village.  We have visited his ministries there and are helping to send him to these very poor and spiritually dark areas.

The Cost to Help Sponsor is $30 a month




D.C. and his wife, Sona, lead Living Hope Ministries of North India. They train indigenous pastors and missionaries to go into the unreached areas of North India. They also operate a school in the slums of Delhi for one hundred-fifty desperately poor children. Besides giving them an education, they also provide two meals a day.

The Cost to Sponsor a Child is $20 a month


Living Hope Ministries is also in the process of building an orphanage in Amritsar, India.  This orphanage will one day be a home to two hundred children.

The Cost to Sponsor a Child is $35 a month


We seek partners who will give at least $35 a month to help support a national pastor/missionary in Amritsar, India with Living Hope Ministries of North India.   These missionaries and pastors minister in anywhere from 8 to 15 villages each.

Help Sponsor an Indigenous missionary or pastor for $35 a month.



Brian is the founder and full-time director of Message Ministries & Missions, Inc. He oversees the daily responsibilities of the mission office in Florida, and he travels to the countries we work in to oversee all mission endeavors.


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