Last year, 3.10 billion people spent Christmas unaware of Christ’s first-coming. This Giving Tuesday, you can help change that for $5, $6, or more.
3.10 billion have never heard of Jesus Christ in the 10/40 Window. Many of these live in extreme poverty. Not only did these precious people end December 25th, 2019 without gifts—they ended the day without hope for time or eternity.
This Christmas, we’re giving thousands a chance to hear the good news for the first time. Through our partners, unreached souls will receive warm Christmas meals, practical necessities, gifts, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
This Giving Tuesday, we’re dedicating every donation to the Christmas Blessing Project. Your $5 or $6 donation will provide a Christmas blessing and the gospel of Jesus Christ to a needy soul in the 10/40 Window. If we surpass our $10,000 goal, any other donations will support MM’s missionary efforts worldwide. Would you or your family like to share Jesus this Christmas?
Our Giving Tuesday Challenge:
This Giving Tuesday, why not reach 10 unreached souls
for only $50 or $60 through the Christmas Blessing Project?
If you can’t afford that, why not reach 1 unreached soul for $5 or $6?
To do so, click the green button below.
To learn more about the Christmas Blessing Project, click here.
For an outline of our Christmas outreaches in the 10/40 Window, click here.