An Easy Way to Reach the Unreached this Giving Tuesday!
As a disciple of Jesus, you know the true message of Christmas—Jesus came to Earth to transform our lives, save our souls, and reconcile us to God through the cross! But did you know that 3.28 billion souls have never even heard this Christmas story of salvation? This Giving Tuesday, you can help us change that by partnering with the Christmas Blessing Project (CBP).
The Christmas Blessing Project: A Holiday Harvest of Salvation
The Christmas Blessing Project is the worldwide holiday outreach of Message Ministries and Missions. This December, our missionary partners will gather unreached communities to give gifts, share delicious meals, and declare the message of salvation in Jesus Christ. They’ll preach Jesus and call the lost to follow Him—and we believe God will draw many souls into His family! Best of all, our partners will disciple these new believers all-year-round through personal relationships and various ministries.
Yes, we’re expecting a glorious Christmas harvest of salvation—but we can’t do it without you! Would you like to play a crucial role in Jesus’s Christmas harvest of souls?
How to Touch a Life for $5
Here’s the amazing opportunity we want to share with you. By donating $5 or $6, you can send a GIFT and the GOSPEL to a needy soul in unreached Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, or India through CBP. (If you’re longing for even bigger impact, you could even sponsor a whole CBP outreach for about $500). That’s right – you could very well play a crucial role in someone’s salvation for a little more than the price of a cup of coffee! Does that sound like an opportunity you’d like to embrace?
Our Giving Tuesday Challenge:
This Giving Tuesday, why not reach 10 unreached souls
for only $50 or $60 through the Christmas Blessing Project?
If you can’t afford that, why not reach 1 unreached soul for $5 or $6?
Or if you’re longing to make a greater impact this Giving Tuesday, why not sponsor an entire CBP outreach for $500?
No matter how the Lord leads you, we look forward to your partnership in His Christmas Blessing Project! To donate now, click the button below. 
To learn more about the Christmas Blessing Project, click here.