Message Ministries Burma
Radical poverty. An opium epidemic. And over 45 million people (84.3%) with minimal exposure to the gospel. MM partners with Free to Serve in the unreached nation of Burma/Myanmar. Read below to learn more.
Anonymous Missionary Profile
(Identities protected for security purposes)
Evangelist P. wins souls through evangelistic meetings and university outreach. He also ministers in his local church. Chained by drugs, alcohol and violence before Christ, P. now offers Jesus’ radical freedom to Burma’s young adults. You can fully support Pastor P. for $100 a month. Click here to learn more about Evangelist P’s ministry to Burma.
Evangelist S. wins souls through music lessons and relationship evangelism. He also labors hard to disciple new believers. Lonely and addicted before Christ, Evangelist S. now declares Jesus’ love and liberation to Burma’s youth. You can fully support Evangelist S. for $100 a month! Click here to learn more about Evangelist S’s ministry to Burma.
Pastor J. wins souls, plants churches, pastors Christians and  trains Christian leaders in the drug-ridden nation of Burma. An addicted gambler before Christ, J. now burns to preach Jesus’ liberating power to sin-chained Burma.  Click here to learn more about Pastor J’s ministry to Burma.