In our efforts to reach the whole world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the message of salvation Message Ministries and Missions is teaming up with to:
  • Share the message of the gospel in the language and the music of the people we are reaching in countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, India etc. We will focus on the more unreached nations of the world found in the 10/40 window.
  • Share the vision of the various ministries we work with around the world through interview style radio shows which will air on One Jam Nation Radio. These will be used for vision casting and to raise funds to help these ministries that we are already helping and know well.
  • Share the needs that are on the mission fields through field reports, and ministry updates from our partner ministries in in the countries we are working in.
  • Provide the equipment necessary for each ministry to develop their own radio shows in their own languages to reach their own people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Provide air time on ONJR for these programs as they are developed.  We will also provide some funds for them to print up promo materials to draw people to their specific radio shows on OJNR.
Our partner ministry ONJR – One Jam Nation Radio is an online radio station platform which reaches around the world with the message of Jesus Christ through music and bible teaching. Their radio app can be downloaded around the world and the radio station can be accessed through computers.  
Since the 10/40 window is on the other side of the planet the programs that are developed within these 10/40 nations will air during the daytime in their nations while it is middle of the night on this side of the planet. 
We are grateful for the heart of One Jam Nation Radio to partner with us to fulfill God’s Great Commission. Together with them and the resources God provides through our donors we will work hard to give many unreached people on the planet the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ for the very first time.  Thank you in advance for your prayers and your financial support.
In His service,  Brian Weller
Below is a message from our partner ministry which will be providing the radio airwaves and the helping to raise the resources needed to fulfill the vision of World Studio Missions: 
December 2016, just over two years after launching our first radio show, and now stand-alone network, OJNR has partnered with Message Ministries & Missions for a World Studios Mission project, launching in Peru and Southeast Asia.
We are all relevant to the One Body of Christ, and with the launching of these new studios, world-wide, OJNR can help connect all of us to make a joyful noise in every region of the earth! 

A new season for OJNR, brings many exciting new changes – with these new studios and updates on the way, we are excited to share how God is expanding our airwaves for us in other areas, as well. Our heart is to impact lives on a much larger scale; the more air space, the more impact! 

“My prayer is to deliver a message of unity across the airwaves everyday that will draw our listeners together in their homes, their churches, their communities, locally & abroad, and with live streaming now readily available, it is possible! I do believe that God has planted this in my heart and I do know that seed is growing,” states Jennifer Alden

Your donations will help provide what is needed to fulfill our vision to reach people in their own language using the media of radio. We will need to purchase computers and microphones to help in the recording of these programs. 100% of your gift will go directly to meeting the needs for this project.
Great Missions Quotes to Inspire us all to Fulfill the Great Commission