April 2012 Update

June 24th is the start of our Seventh Annual Peru – Cross Street Youth Camp. This is a central event on our schedule each year, so it’s time once again to trust the Lord for His provision in taking these very special young people to camp. It’s where they’ll get to know God better through worship, bible teaching, and fellowship. Many of these youths come from homes in places like Pachacutec, a sandy slum, where they live in grinding third- world poverty.  At Peru – Cross Street Youth Camp, they’ll receive three meals a day for all four days, receive love and encouragement from our Cross Street Team and their church leaders, and find refuge from despair and a Living Hope for today and the future … HIT HERE TO READ MORE  –

Hit the link below to read or download the pdf file version of the newsletter:

2012 April26 Message Ministries Newsletter

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