August 2014 Jim Randall Update

Greetings from Rainy Chiang Mai!   I have been busy doing Leadership Consulting with a number of mission organizations, mostly small ones with 50 or fewer churches.  I am also helping orphan homes, of which there are many.  Actually, I am helping the leaders to become more organized and find ways to generate income for the support of the children.  I am helping them to learn and develop a farming system called Aquaponics, so that they can feed themselves and have some to sell for income.  I have been working with those helping Hill Tribes like Akha, Lahu, Karen and Hmong people in the region.  
Prison Ministry.  I have just started working with a young Thai man who has lived in the US most of his life and has started a prison ministry in the Chiang Mai area.  He is also developing a farm to train parolees and to support them as he finds jobs for them.  So far, they are all young  tribal people, ages 17 to 20, who got into trouble 
I may go to Myanmar to do some pastor training for a group that was started by a Filipino missionary whose name is Robert.  He has been working alone and needs someone to help him move to the next level.  I have spoken at one of their churches in Cambodia and may also do a seminar there.  I meet weekly with Robert to lay a foundation so he can begin to delegate to others rather than doing all the work himself.  
I have been helping a number of other missionaries to develop their ministry or Business As Missions projects for Thailand and surrounding countries.  I met with a man from southern China on Saturday for a second time.  We talked (and prayed) for about two hours.  I plan to take a possible supporter  to meet him and see some of the businesses who are also doing community outreach in China.  New opportunities pop up every week.   

 Thank you for praying for me.  I have not traveled internationally as much as last year but it will pick up later this month or in September.  I have found that I can keep quite busy here in Thailand.  I plan to be ministering in Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam as well as China before the end of the year.  The opportunities and needs are great.  Would you like to come for a short or long ministry trip?  I can arrange it for you or your church group.

Please pray for good health, new opportunities and finances for achieving what’s set before me. Please write a note if you have time.  It gets really lonely, though I am surrounded by others.


God Bless you! Jim Randall 

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