August 2016



On our January mission to Southeast Asia, we met Pastor Isara, an indigenous missionary to northern Thailand. Pastor Isara and his family had recently moved from the tribal region to the city to reach the national Thai people with the gospel. I asked David S., the leader of FTS Ministries, which pastors most needed mission support. He pointed us to Pastor Isara and his family and we began sending support to them and their ministry.
We just received wonderful news from David, how Pastor Isara has been used to lead several Thai people to Christ. The converts were baptized and are getting involved in the church. One of these converts is a non-tribal Thai person, which David called “a breakthrough”, explaining, “It is very difficult to lead non-tribal Thai people to Christ.” We celebrate these conversions, and so do the angels! “There is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” (Luke 15:10 NIV).
While we thank God for what He has done through Isara, we are anticipating what He will do next! God seems to be opening more doors for Pastor Isara to bring the gospel to the unreached people of Thailand. He has been invited to preach the Word of God at a government school — a very rare opportunity. David said, “I believe this is a miracle, because most Thai people look down on tribal people very much.”
Will you please pray for Pastor Isara, David, and all those whom they come into contact with? If you would like to support them, just hit the link below and go to our donate page and hit Laos – Indigenous Missionary. 
Thank you,  Brian Weller
2016 - Thailand - Pastor Isara 1
2016 - Thailand - Pastor Isara 4
2016 - Thailand - Pastor Isara 3
2016 Burma - Pastor Jayae 2Another indigenous missionary we support, Pastor Jayae, has seen the hand of the Lord move in Burma/Myanmar. A Burmese couple had been married for 10 years, but were barren — unable to have any children of their own. Pastor Jayae met this couple, preached the gospel to them, and prayed for the Lord to grant them a child. Soon, both of these seeds had borne fruit. Not only were they born into God’s family — a child was born into their family! God gave them a child of their own.

As a result of this miracle, the couple’s relatives have decided to follow Jesus as well. In celebration of God’s work in their lives, they invited Pastor Jayae to name the child.

Praise God with us! God is moving through these wonderful indigenous missionaries and their families as they GO to reach their nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is through your financial gifts and prayers that we are able to support these true servants of the Lord. Together, God is using us all to reach some of the most spiritually dark places on this planet.

If you would like to support them, just hit the link below and go to our donate page and hit
Myanmar – Indigenous Missionary.
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