August 2019 Update: Rescuing Teen Addicts in Unreached Burma (with Video)

Hello MM family. We have exciting missions news for you! This month, we will partner with FTS ministries to conduct a youth camp for unreached youth in Burma! Recently, MM partner David S. told us about a camp planned to reach Burma’s next generation. We knew immediately that God wanted us to finance it. Here, we want to share why this camp matters so much to us, and why it should matter to you.

Temples in unreached Burma. 90% of Burmans profess Buddhism. 
The Burmese people live in tragic conditions. 45 million Burmans (84.3%) have minimal exposure to the gospel. Burma’s small evangelical population lives in fear of persecution. In this gospel darkness, Burma has fallen into deep moral decay. “Drug addiction is spreading everywhere,” MM partner David S. told us. “Most young people have become slaves to it. They don’t want to work as farmers like their parents did because they’ve learned they can make better money smuggling drugs.” David expressed a deep burden for Burma’s youth. “Their lives are at risk. It’s tragic.”
But God is using MM partners to deliver many Burmese souls from the chains of sin and substance abuse. “We can see a great difference in the Christian villages. The church continually influences people to change,” David told us. He believes that God wants to spread this freedom to Burma’s youth. He wrote, “Recently our leaders gathered to pray for Burma and its villagers. The Lord deeply impressed upon our hearts to conduct a youth camp in [a Burmese city]. We plan to gather about 100 youth under the age of 20. Half of the campers will come from Christian families, and the other half from non-Christian families.”
David S. has great expectations for this evangelistic camp. “We expect many children to be touched by the Word and the Holy Spirit, and many will receive Christ,” David told us. David’s not speaking “evangelastically”. He regularly sends us videos and photos of people who have been radically saved, healed, and delivered by the gospel of Jesus Christ as preached by MM partners. Not long from now, we will hear testimonies of the salvation, healing, and deliverance of many Burmese youth. But David has a holy confidence that this camp will not only transform young lives. Speaking from years of experience, David promised us: “This camp will open doors for us to reach parents and continue influencing people towards godly change.”
Burmese MM Partners pray for one another in a leaders meeting. God deeply impressed some of these leaders to conduct an evangelistic youth camp this August.
We’ve pledged $1000 to fund this special evangelism camp. We feel thrilled to partner with FTS ministries for the salvation of Burma’s youth. We want to ask—could God have a special role for you to play in the success of this outreach? We want to explain this awesome opportunity to you.
This month only (August 2019), you can fully sponsor a Burmese camper for only $10. For about the price of one trip to Chick-Fil-A, you can open the door for a Burmese teen to hear the gospel, experience God’s power, receive Christ as Lord and Savior, and break free from sin’s slavery!
Does that thrill you as much as it thrills us? If so, why don’t you take a moment and ask the Lord: “What’s my role? Do you want me to intercede? Do you want me to spread the word about this need? Do you want me to sponsor campers? If so, how many?” If God leads you to give, just click the green button below. Also, if you join Senders this month, your first monthly $30 donation will sponsor three campers. To learn more or join Senders, click the red button below. We promise that every cent of your donation will go towards a camper. No matter how God calls you to participate, we thank you for your partnership. We couldn’t do what we do without you.
Update: As of August 17, 2019, this need has been met. We want to thank the 21 Peruvians and 10 Americans who sponsored Burmese youth campers. We also want to thank our Senders, who sponsored 3 youth each. Without you, we couldn’t have fulfilled this awesome opportunity. Thanks for SHARING GOD’S HOPE through Message Ministries!

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