FEBRUARY 2012 Updates


February was an active and busy month for the ministry in Peru.  As we had planned and prayed, two Peruvian Youth Mission Teams were sent out into two different regions of Peru. The first team, led by Pastor Jose, Amanda, and Marco, went to Chincha, a three-hour bus ride south of Lima. The other team, led by Pastor Gilberto and Doris, headed into Ancash, about three hours northeast of Lima.  Both team….  HIT HERE TO READ MORE

As Message Ministries and Missions looks into the future, we plan on assisting the churches we work with in Peru to send out a stream of mission teams into other areas of the country. Our Peruvian leadership has told us how excited the young people are after the first two teams went out. They are ready to GO more often!  Sending native teams is a commonsense approach to….  HIT HERE TO READ MORE

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