February 2013 Update

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Some pastors from Pisco, in the Ica Region of Peru, contacted Marco Aroni, our Peru mission coordinator. They wanted to know if we could send a team to Pisco to put on a youth camp there. We have been working with Pastor Carlos and his wife Flor since the 2007 earthquake hit in the Ica Region. Recently, some of the young people from their church took part in the youth camp we held in the Lima area. God touched their hearts and they wanted to bring that blessing to other young people in Pisco.

For a year now, we’ve been seeing a very passionate group of Peruvian teens and young adults coming together to form mission and outreach teams. They are “on fire” for the Lord, ready to serve! In December, we sponsored a training retreat for these young people in Marquez. Now, in preparation for the Pisco camp, they’ve been rehearsing music and drama and preparing testimonies to share at the camp. It’s exciting!

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Peru Youth Mission Training Retreat in December


The team of young people is led by Marco and by Pastor Jose Amaya and his wife Amanda. Chuck Moore, Alex Pose, and I will join them in Lima, and together we’ll ride on a rented bus to Pisco. This is summer in Peru, the perfect time for a youth camp. Our prayer is that God will reach deep into the hearts of the young people at the camp in Pisco.


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2013 Jim RPlease pray for Jim Randall! Jim was one of the founding board members of the original Message Ministries in 1978. We ministered in prisons together in Florida, and Jim’s wife Paula and I sang together as the group “Message.” The Randalls left the Tampa Bay area in the early 1980s to invest their lives in world missions. They served in Japan for many years, then returned to the United States when Paula became ill. Paula went home to be with the Lord years ago; now their two children are grown, and Jim is back on the field!

Jim is ministering in the 10/40 region of the world, between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator. It’s where two-thirds of the world lives, including the most dangerous spots for Christians, especially missionaries. We are partnering with Jim as he is called to nations like Cambodia, China and Vietnam. He is training native national pastors, and he teaches aquaponics to help ministries like orphanages and churches raise funds for themselves. Please pray for Jim. He is in China now, and he heads to Cambodia on February 11. He is doing leadership training for church planters and ministry leaders.

If you would like to support Jim and his ministry in the 10/40 region, we will pass 100% of your gift on to him.  You can donate using the donate tab on this page and thank you in advance for your prayers and financial support!


In His Service,  Brian Weller


2013 February – Message Ministries Newsletter

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