February 2014

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by Mike and Katie (Weller) Goreski

Mike and Katie Goreski sharing some time with the locals!

Mike and Katie sharing some time with the local children!

We saw the Lord do many amazing things in the 15 days we were in Africa. We helped kick off a men’s meeting at the local church, hosted a youth conference, hosted multiple kids days where we shared the word, did crafts, played with the kids and fed them their biggest meal of the week and hosted a medical clinic at the local church where we were able to provide medicine, first aid and prayer for over 250 sick people. Most importantly, throughout all these ministry opportunities we witnessed many new salvations.

One of the greatest parts of the trip was working alongside local pastors who have a go-til-you-drop mentality when it comes to kingdom work. They are amazing examples of what Jesus has called us to be; we were so blessed to see them in their element and just sit with them one on one, listen to their stories and encourage them in any way we could.


Marco Aroni from Peru with some new friends in Kitgum, Uganda

Mission puts the work of Lord into perspective; as we went to bless and love on others, the oneness of Gods people allowed us to receive the same in return. We saw people who seemed to have so little but whom God sees, and so clearly revealed to us, are the ones who have so much! They are incredible examples of men and women “storing up treasures in heaven rather than here on this earth.”

Mariel Piper with some new friends!

Mariel Piper with some new friends!

Each morning we walked from our guest house to the missionary’s house to meet as a team for bible study then head out for ministry. We would walk through “town” seeing everyone go about their daily tasks. Toward the end of our journey we would pass a bore hole. Everyday children laughed and played as they pumped water into their jerry cans. From an American perspective this would be a laborious task, but for them it is a daily chore that they see as a blessing to have so close by; the water they need to survive and sustain a healthy life. Truly humbling, it’s amazing how God can speak so simply. Revealing our need to approach the Savior with the same joy those kids go to the bore hole with; the expectancy that when we go to his throne of grace, he will provide our every need and we will never be thirsty because of his promise.

We are so grateful for your prayers and financial support.  Without you, our trip to Uganda would not have been possible. Mission trips are not just about the people who put their feet on foreign soil but those who constantly support missionaries with prayer as they go. We are truly so blessed by your sacrifice to give. Thank you.


March 2014 –  Asia Mission Trip

by Brian Weller

Brian and JJ Weller

Brian and JJ Weller

On March 5th, JJ and I will leave for Southeast Asia to minister with Jim Randall in Thailand, Cambodia, and perhaps Laos. We’ll be looking for the best ways for Message Ministries to partner with Jim, who assists native-led ministries in that part of the world, the heart of the “10/40 window.”  We’ll be meeting with native pastors and other leaders, and we also plan to visit some orphanages. We will also look for ways to help the native missionaries start small businesses so that they can be self-supporting; Jim has already been doing this successfully.

The entire Southeast Asia region is in great need of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Christians are a small minority in this part of the world, which is one reason Jim spends so much time training native pastors and missionaries. There are other tremendous needs as well! Look at these spiritual statistics about the countries we plan to visit:

Thailand – 85% Buddhist – .5% Christian
Cambodia – 83% Buddhist – 1.6% Christian
Laos – 57% Buddhist – 2.6% Christian

Please pray with us for God’s divine appointments as we GO! Also, please pray for Jim as he coordinates our schedule; so many different opportunities are there, and our prayer is to connect with the precise people that God wants us to meet.

Also, please pray with us for God’s provision for the cost of this trip. We know God will make a way –  He always does! JJ will have just two weeks of rest upon his return from Peru before we leave for Asia. We praise God for the doors He opens around the world; we want only to be faithful, to walk through those doors, and to be fruitful!



Rooftop-View-EP-Album-Cover-for-DistributionBrian and JJ have finished recording a new, four-song EP called Rooftop View. It includes the songs “Run,” “Thief in the Night,” “Heart of Passion,” and “Rooftop View.”  The new CD will include the songs from both the Rooftop View and Home at Last EP’s. We are not selling the CDs through the newsletter; instead, we are sending them out for a donation of any size toward our Southeast Asia Mission Trip. If you would like one, please let us know when making a donation.  Thank you!