February 2015 Jim Randall Update

 Hello from Chiang Mai,

Thank you for being a part of the team that is helping to reach the unreached in South East Asia.  Since the first of the first of the year, I have had opportunity to teach a Bible School course for about 50 pastors in south Cambodia as well as continue mentoring young leaders in Thailand. 

Brian Weller and Ron Bouvier from Message Ministries came for the last week of January and the first week of February.  We were able to visit children’s homes in Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia where Brian ministered in Music and words of encouragement for the children and staff.  In Cambodia, we visited a small village in the south where Brian sang and preached a short message.  Five people indicated that they wanted to become Christians.  People are ready, we just need to be willing to go.

With Jim Randall and Ron Bouvier, riding in a Tuk Tuk in Thailand

With Jim Randall and Ron Bouvier, riding in a Tuk Tuk in Thailand

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While in Phnom Penh, Cambodia I visited with a ministry that is headed by an old friend that I have not seen since the mid 1980’s.  Marion Fromm is now a widow in her late 70’s but is still going strong.   We talked via Skype for half an hour about the ministry she founded 11 years ago before visiting their production facility.   She had just left on a trip to visit family in Australia.  The company dries fruit and ships it to Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Australia.  They employed land mine victims who have lost a foot or leg or some other debilitating injury.  They employ around 65 people and 70% of them have become Christians.  They have a much greater demand than their small factory can handle and they want to expand.  I will help them write grants and find funding for expanding this profitable ministry.  I say profitable in that it supplies jobs for those who are otherwise unemployable and supports other ministries as well.  This is a good example of Business As Missions that is meeting a real need and supporting the advancement of the Kingdom of God.  Please pray that I will be able to help them get the funding they need to expand their BAM Ministry.

2015-02-07 16.37.38I will go to Vietnam again in about two weeks to teach in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).  I will teach about 200 pastors and leaders how to become more effective in raising up a new generation of leaders who will be able to multiply their work (II Timothy 2:2).  Please pray that things will go smoothly and that the funds needed (about $10 for each pastor) will come in so they can be trained to be more effective in reaching this Communist country.  We will have lookouts posted to signal if anyone unknown approaches.  If that happens, I will immediately sit down and one of the pastors will get up to speak.  According to the law, we are not allowed to do anything but observe and bring greetings.  However, God’s law is higher than man’s law.  I would only be deported but they would be imprisoned if caught.

Thanks for being a part of my team.  The prayers and finances help expand the Kingdom of God in this part of the world where two out of three people have never heard that Jesus died for their sins.  We have so much preaching in America but little to none in this part of the world.  It is now Asia’s turn to hear and you can be a part by helping to send me as your representative to the unreached of SE Asia.

May our God bless you and give you peace,    Jim
To contact Jim directly, please e-mail him at jerandall@juno.com

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