February 2019 Update: What Does God Really Want Us to Do?

Recently I reread a statistic I’d cited often. However, it was illustrated in such a way that it shocked me and further urged me on in God’s call to reach the unreached. It’s time to pull out all the stops in reaching the 10/40 Window.
Approximately 44,000 to 50,000 people die every day who have never once heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.The vast majority of these people live in the 10/40 Window — a region that rests between the 10th and 40th parallels, including North India, Northern regions of Africa, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia. The following illustration put these grim statistics in perspective for me. Imagine that every day of your life, 88 Boeing 747 jumbo jets filled with 500 people crashed and burned, killing all inside. We would see it as a tragedy beyond measure, and everyone in the world would talk about it. Every news station across the globe would continuously report this great and terrible tragedy, and the whole world would focus its research and resources on solving this inexcusable dilemma. Besides that, every church in the world would hold prayer vigils, send support for the families, and go to the rescue sites to offer help. We would be asking ourselves, “what does God really want us to do?” 
I know you’d agree with me when I say, “our negligence towards these thousands of dying unreached souls is totally unacceptable!” It’s unacceptable to God, and it should be unacceptable to us. We know that salvation comes only through faith in Jesus Christ — so how can we do nothing? This is a tremendously sad reality because it is a reality we could solve! I think it’s time to start asking ourselves a serious question: “what does God want us to do?” 
Faces of the unreached. 44,000 souls like this die daily without hearing of Jesus Christ. Through MM, these precious souls have now heard the gospel. What has God called you to do? 

What does God really want us to do to complete His Great Commission? I’ve had to answer that question over and again as a follower of Jesus Christ and a leader of a world missions organization. Message Ministries receives constant requests to meet all kinds of needs on the mission fields of the world. Many of these requests come from what we call “reached nations” — places where the gospel has already gone and churches have already been established. Many of these needs are real, and we don’t dismiss them lightly. But we have to say “no” when we ask God, “what do you really want us to do?” 

We’ve worked in Peru for many years. When we started to focus on the unreached, we had to pray for guidance regarding Peru. “Do we stop visiting Peru and cut off support for our partner ministries? Do we continue to expand there? God, what do you really want us to do?” He gave us a clear answer: “Don’t cut them off. Send one or two strategic teams every year to encourage them to make disciples and reach Peru themselves. Then invite them to reach the people in the 10/40 Window with you.” We obeyed, and now they’ve begun to raise up their own mission teams, reach their own people, and give financially towards the 10/40 Window.

We asked the question, “God what do you really want us to do?” He answered and told us to GO into all the world, and the Peruvians are now partnering with us to fulfill God’s will. Eight years ago most of our donations went towards Peruvian mission. Last year we sent two-and-a-half times more money to the 10/40 Window than we did to Peru, by God’s grace and the help of our mission partners in the USA and Peru. 

I want to end by thanking those of you who regularly support this ministry! Without your help, we could not do what we do! And to our other readers — are you doing little or nothing to reach unreached people? If so, I urge you to join us — not only in prayer but action. To learn more about how to partner with us as we reach the 10/40 Window through indigenous missionaries, please click the green button directly below. 


God bless you,

Brian Weller


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