February 2022: Mission Updates from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Peru

CAMBODIA: Through the generosity of God’s people, we sent funds to Mercy Village in Cambodia to purchase 900 backpacks and school supplies for Cambodian children. Pastor Rin ordered them for Christmas; unfortunately, they got stuck in customs coming from nearby countries. They finally arrived, and as you can see, they blessed the children!
They were given through local churches that Pastor Rin works with in Phnom Penh and nearby villages. These young students were thrilled to receive the backpacks and the school supplies inside. Thank you for helping us with this special outreach. Each gift was given with the gospel.
We received a notice and prayer request from a ministry we work closely with in SE Asia. We presently support three indigenous pastors/missionaries in Laos through this ministry, and their update gives us great concern for these Christian leaders, their families, and congregations.
During the last couple of years of COVID, many Laotian people came to Jesus Christ through these ministers and the various outreaches they’ve done. Now that the communist government has realized how many people have converted to Jesus Christ through these Christian leaders, they are trying to stop them from getting more converts.
We blurred the picture above for security reasons. It shows some Laos government officials who recently visited church leaders in the L______ Province. They approached the church leaders and commanded them to stop preaching the gospel. They also want the group of pastors to sign an agreement saying they will not evangelize with the gospel of Jesus Christ in that province anymore. They don’t want any more new converts to Jesus Christ!
These Christian leaders need our prayers as they seek to obey their heavenly commander, Jesus Christ. Please pray for Pastor S, Pastor K, and Pastor Kh. Now is a difficult time in the gospel ministry in Laos, and they need our intercessory prayers. Thank you for standing in the gap and approaching God’s throne of Grace with this urgent prayer request!
In Laos, the ministry we partner with sent pictures of a recent outreach to a remote village. What you see in the photo is the kind of thing you see in many villages in SE Asia. The people offer sacrifices to evil spirits. That is the only way they know until they hear of The Way, who is Jesus Christ.
Here is the report David sent us describing what happened:
“This outreach was in H_____ village; the people are still celebrating the new year with the old animism culture, sacrificing to evil spirits. Our evangelist team already went there to preach the gospel and led six people to Christ. We will start a home church there. We are preparing a pastor to be in this village. Please keep praying for us.”
At present, Message Ministries supports three indigenous missionaries/pastors in Laos. Please pray for Pastor K., Pastor S., and Pastor Kh. They are winning many to Jesus Christ. We thank you for helping us send indigenous missionaries to unreached villages like this where they can hear the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and be set free. There are so many hopeless hearts living in Laos and other parts of Asia who need Jesus desperately.
Evangelist P., an indigenous minister we support, continues to preach the gospel in his community in Mandalay and nearby communities. The home church he started is flourishing, and now, besides evangelizing new converts, he disciples new believers. He recently gave out food bags to assist the family of God and others through difficult times. Thank you for helping us support P. in reaching and discipling the people of Myanmar/Burma with the gospel.
Here is a note from David, P’s ministry leader:
“P. has done relief help for the people in Mandalay and sharing the gospel. The last couple of years of Covid and political problems in Burma have made everything go down. The people are suffering, but the hope of the gospel is opening bigger and bigger doors. People have been leading people to accept Christ and sow seeds into people’s hearts. Please keep praying for our work in Mandalay.”
La Viña Del Senor Church – Pachacutec – Lima
We are blessed to support the children’s discipleship ministry of Pastor Fabian and his ministry team at La Vina Del Senor in Pachacutec. They have been ministering faithfully to the children of this community for over 20 years. Their ministry has born spiritual fruit in the lives of hundreds of children.
Please pray for Pastor Fabian and his family. His wife Cecilia recently went home to be with the Lord, and the family needs God’s comfort and peace. Also, please pray Walter and the other ministry volunteers who minister to these dear children faithfully week after week.
Cristo es el Camino Church in Bolegnesi – Callao
We recently received pictures from our dear sister in the Lord, Luz Benites. She has been ministering to the children of Bolognesi in the Callao region of Lima for many years. The children come from the community for a Sunday school class and fellowship, and Luz prepares a meal for them to eat. She’s had a beautiful impact on the lives of many of these children.
Would you please take a few moments and pray for Luz and her family as they share the love of Jesus and the gospel with the people of this community? Also, please pray for these dear children and their families. Thank you!
Cristo es el Camino – Pachacutec – Lima
We are blessed to partner with the Cristo Es El Camino church in Pachacutec – Lima, Peru. Our dear sister Doris Anticona has a beautiful ministry to the children there. They come each week for discipleship, worship, fellowship, and a meal together.
These children who live in the upper elevation of Pachacutec look forward to this time together. They get to be a part of a loving and caring Christian community through this ministry. Doris, the leader, stepped in to lead this ministry when Adela could no longer do it after many years of faithful service to the Lord in this community. She is a blessing!
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