January 2020 Update: Missions Milestones from 2019

We praise God for all He accomplished through our teamwork in 2019. Together, we sent a total of $105,000 into the 10/40 Window. By God’s grace, thousands of men, women, and children committed their hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ as MM workers preached the gospel through both short and long-term missions. We want to share some milestones from this year’s labors. Check out what God accomplished by our teamwork in the 10/40 Window!
In 2019:
· We sponsored 15 indigenous missionaries in the 10/40 Window. God accomplished great things through these workers in Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar/Burma, and Thailand.
· We hosted two mission teams in Cambodia—the MM mission team and Kadena Chapel. Each team hosted evangelistic outreaches in Cambodia, and many made professions of faith.
· We sponsored The Mercy Children’s Home, the Living Hope Slum School in India, and the Laos Children’s Home. These ministries discipled children and youth to follow Jesus Christ and eventually proclaim the gospel to their countrymen, healing the brokenhearted and setting captives free.
· We sponsored youth camps in Myanmar/Burma and Thailand. Many youth and children were radically saved and changed by Jesus’ love and eternal message.
· We sponsored Jim Randall’s teaching ministry in the 10/40 Window as his support agency. Many leaders received leadership training and learned how to stay encouraged, exhorted, and inspired so they can bear much fruit.
These two young men (2nd and 3rd from left) were freed from drug addiction at the Burma camp in August. 
Anne and Cynthia Weller ministering to Cambodian children.
JJ Weller preaching the gospel at a Cambodia outreach.
Jim Randall has put fresh effort into evangelizing and discipling the children of the 10/40 Window.
In 2019, we also completed twenty years of ministry in the beautiful country of Peru! It’s hard to believe. Last year:
· We sponsored ten child discipleship/feeding center ministries in the poorest areas of Lima.
· We hosted a leaders retreat, a youth retreat, and two Bible-teaching seminars to equip Lima’s Christian leaders.
· We hosted a mission team from Suncoast Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Florida, who helped with the Christmas Blessing Project and built two prefab homes.
On top of this, the 2019 Christmas Blessing Project blessed thousands of children and adults in the countries of Cambodia, China, Laos, India, Myanmar/Burma, Peru, and Thailand. Together, we sent a total of $11,500 to the CBP outreaches around the world. Glory to God! If you haven’t watched the video reports, check them out on Facebook.
A young girl from a feeding center in Lima, Peru. MM supported 10 child discipleship centers in 2019.
The MM Peru leadership team pose for a photo at the leaders retreat in April 2019.
MM Partners Cort Bennett and Leo Santillan help construct a new church building in Ancon, Lima, Peru.
MM partner Dionisio Amaya smiles with a child from his discipleship feeding center at the Christmas Blessing Project outreach in December.
We’re growing more and more excited about 2020. We plan to focus more on India, where about 1 billion people still must hear the gospel for the first time. Please pray with us as we go forward!
Until next month,
Brian Weller

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