In December, we officially opened the Vocational Training Center in Lomas de Carabayllo. The first classes included basic training in carpentry and electrical wiring. When we left Peru, we placed an order with the VTC for two pre-fab homes. Since then, a group of men under the leadership of Pastor Gilberto has completed the production of the two homes. This is great news because we have a team coming to Peru in March…..  HIT HERE TO READ MORE


One part of our vision has been to help send out Peruvian Youth Mission Teams to different regions of Peru. That dream is about to come true! In February, we’ll help send out two youth teams to two different Peruvian destinations.   TEAM #1: Under the leadership of Pastor Jose Amaya and Marco Aroni, a team of 14 youth and leaders from the various churches …. HIT HERE TO READ MORE


The team heading for Peru this March from Northside Christian School will be doing Eyeglass Clinic/Outreaches. In preparation for this ministry, we’ve ordered 600 pair of glasses. (We found a ministry that sells reader glasses for 50 cents each!) The Eyeglass Clinic/Outreach is a great and practical way of helping and reaching people. Many in poverty-stricken areas are ,,, HIT HERE TO READ MORE

We have just uploaded a new video about the opening of the Vocational Training Center in Lomas de Carabayllo … HIT HERE TO VIEW

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