July 2022: 3 New Missionaries in Myanmar; Invasion of Light Podcast Update

Three New Indigenous Missionaries in Myanmar
As a ministry, we must continue to take steps of faith. If not, we could get lazy and work merely to maintain what we’ve done so far. By God’s grace and power, we want to do more than maintain; we want to “Press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 3:14).
To do that, we must trust the Lord to do more than ever to get the gospel of Jesus Christ to unreached people. In our desire to reach more of the unreached in the 10/40 window, we have adopted four new Indigenous Missionaries/Pastors to pray for and to send monthly mission support. In this newsletter, we introduce you to three of these faithful servants of God in Myanmar/Burma.
In His service, Brian Weller
Myanmar – Pastor A.S. – New Indigenous Missionary
We introduce you to Pastor A.S., he is 33 years old and is married to D., and they have three children. They are excited about our partnership with them through FTS Ministries, which trained them for ministry.
The support we send will go towards their ministry and outreach to the people in this village and nearby villages. It will help them reach new converts and disciple those who have been saved already. God planted a new church through Pastor A.S. and D’s efforts in N. Village, and we praise God for their hard work and dedication in bringing the gospel to a previously unreached village!.
Pastor A.S’s Testimony and Prayer Request:
“In 2011, Pastor J. (another MM partner) came to preach the gospel in my village, and I accepted Jesus Christ. After that, I went to study the bible with Pastor J. and followed him on the mission fields.
Then in 2015, I began preaching the gospel in non-Christian villages (H. village, P. village, K. village). Last year I went again to preach the gospel in Nakar village and led many families to Christ. After that, my family decided to move to this village and work as pastors and evangelists to the people. Please keep praying for us.”
Would you like to sponsor Pastor A.S.? Find him on our Myanmar page.
MYANMAR – Pastor A.D. – New Indigenous Missionary
Pastor A.D. baptizing a new believer
We also committed to praying for and sending monthly mission support to Pastor A.D.’s village ministry and outreach. He has been trained for ministry by Pastor J___ and is excited about our partnership with him and his family.
Pastor A.D. is 29 years old, his wife is M., and they have three children. Please read his testimony on the next page and take a moment to pray for this precious family. They will need God’s guidance as they go forward, ministering in this previously unreached village.
Pastor A.D.’s Testimony and Prayer Request:
“I heard the gospel and accepted Jesus Christ in 2013. Then I went to study the bible with Pastor J. and did leadership training with Him. Then in 2017, I began to go preach the gospel to many villages.
In 2021, I went to preach the gospel at P. village and J. village. I led six families to Christ and baptized 11 people. After that, my family decided to move into P. village to continue evangelizing and pastoring those new believers. Please pray for us. Thank you!”
Would you like to sponsor Pastor A.S.? Find him on our Myanmar page.
MYANMAR – Pastor Jos. – New Indigenous Missionary
Meet Pastor Jos___, our newest Indigenous Missionary/Pastor in Myanmar/Burma. We are honored to add him to our team of indigenous missionaries in the 10/40 window. He, along with Pastor A.S. and Pastor A.D., serve with FTS, our SE Asia partner ministry.
These three missionaries have been trained by Pastor J., a pastor and leader with FTS who prepares young men and women for ministry. We are truly blessed to help extend his ministry reach in Myanmar.
Pastor Jos. is 36 years old, is married to El., and has two children. Please read his testimony below and take a moment to pray for him and his family.
Pastor Jos.’s Testimony and Prayer Request:
I am Jos.; I received Jesus Christ in 2010, and I was trained by Pastor J. and attended his leadership training classes. In 2012, I began to work as a pastor at Y. Village in K. Ton town for one year. Then in 2015, I worked as a pastor at Th. Pe. Ku Village in Ma. Kh. town for four years.
And now, in 2022, I came to serve God at Ni. Village, helping Pastor Tho. and Pastor J.. I also teach Sunday school at Na. Village, where sixty children are in our Sunday School. Please pray for me. Thank you!
Thank you, mission supporters! Only by God’s grace and your generosity can we support indigenous missionaries like these in Myanmar/Burma. God bless you!
If you would like to help support these new indigenous missionaries, just click here. Thank you!
Upcoming Missions to Nicaragua and Peru
I (Brian) will be ministering in Nicaragua from August 4-10. We have a friend who has been ministering there for many years and asked me to go with him and his wife to do discipleship and leadership training. After praying about it, I felt led by the Holy Spirit to go. I have not been to a Central American country in almost 20 years, so this will be a brief return to my mission roots.
Please pray for missionaries Jason and Nickel; they live in the states and go back and forth to minister there. Jason has a burden from the Lord on his heart for the 10/40 Window, which is one reason they are working hard to strengthen the ministry in Nicaragua. Thank you for your prayers for this mission.
Also, we plan to return to Peru at the end of August, so please keep that in prayer as well. Thank you!
Thank you, Brian
Invasion of Light Podcast
Here are a couple of 4-minute clips from our last Invasion of Light Podcast.

We took a break from recording the podcast after the birth of JJ and Cynthia’s son William in late June. We recorded three new episodes this week, so please listen next week and let us know what you think!
We pray this podcast, which goes hand in hand with our book Invasion of Light, inspires God’s people to stay active in fulfilling God’s Great Commission at home and around the world. Oswald J Smith said, “Go or send a substitute.”
We encourage you to get a copy of our book, Invasion of Light: How Jesus Can Use You and Me to Win the Battle for Souls and Societies. To learn more, get two fresh chapters, watch the trailer, or buy the book now, visit www.invasionoflight.tv
Some Closing Thoughts!
Thank you for reading these mission updates and praying for these blessed ministers and ministries we support monthly through your generosity. We truly are grateful for you and thank God for you often! Together by God’s grace, love, power, and provision, we are making a difference in lives around the world. Gloria a Dios!
We encourage you to visit our websites and social media platforms, where you will find mission updates and many encouraging messages, devotionals, Mission Moments, and more!

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