July 2023: Missions Updates from Around the World

We praise God for granting us the privilege to play a small role in His Great Commission. With your help, Message Ministries supports 40 ministries worldwide, including 25 indigenous missionaries in the 10/40 Window. In this letter, we want to share some of what the Lord accomplished through our partners in July!
A Give-a-Home Project Team in Peru
In July, our Give-a-Home Project hosted a Peru mission team from Suncoast Cathedral in St. Pete, Florida. The team was led by Suncoast leaders and Cort Bennett, an MM mission advisor with a big heart for the people of Peru. In only one week, they built four homes for needy families—three with Pastor Fabian Santillan in Pachacutec and one with Pastor Gilberto Varillas in Lomas de Carabayllo. The lives of these four families will never be the same after this team’s outpouring of love. The congregation donated all the funds necessary to provide the new homes and beds, and the team glorified God by working hard and demonstrating Jesus’s love to these neighborhoods. Suncoast, thanks so much for working with The Give-a-Home Project!
Missionary Highlight: Pastor Jaw_ in Laos

I want to highlight a special MM partner in the 10/40 Window, Pastor Jaw__. This picture grants a glimpse into Pastor Jaw___’s church planting endeavors in rural Laos. Unlike many elaborate church plants in the USA, there’s no startup budget, no advertisements, no paid staff, no online service, and no accolades—just one preacher of God’s Word committed to visiting house to house to reach those who have never heard the gospel. As the photo shows, he visits each village, welcomes locals to a home gathering, preaches the message of salvation, invites those present to follow Jesus, and then disciples those who respond to the Lord. In this way, Pastor Jaw__ spends his days pouring out his life to reach Laos’s lost, dying, and hopeless souls.

Please pray for Pastor Jaw__. We praise God for this dedicated servant who works tirelessly for God in obscurity. He’s unknown to the world but precious in the sight of God and His angels. You can sponsor Pastor Jaw__’s ministry for $100 monthly at messagemissions.com/sponsor-pastor-jaw/.

Fresh Doors in Media Ministry

Lastly, we want to share some encouraging updates about our internet and literature outreach.

First, we’re excited to announce that we recently recorded another four episodes of Invasion of Light Podcast after almost a year-long hiatus! We’re thrilled to continue the show, and we believe the new content will encourage, inspire, and exhort many believers to live as effective ambassadors of God’s kingdom. The upcoming four shows will discuss the questions— “What is society’s true problem,” “Are we waiting on God, or is God waiting on us,” and “How does Jesus change the world?” We plan to release the podcasts every two weeks for now. If you’re interested, please consider subscribing on YouTube or your favorite podcast platform and leaving a review! You can find all the relevant links at www.invasionoflight.tv.

Second, we’re excited to report that all of our podcasts and many of our YouTube videos are now accurately subtitled in most languages. Cynthia Weller has been working hard to transcribe our video content to help us provide evangelism and discipleship materials to a global audience. We are so glad to make these available to our partners worldwide! Our channel has already reached 250,000 views, but now we can spread the missionary message to many thousands more through translated subtitles. You can find our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/messageministries.

Third, we’ve recently printed Cure for Death tracts in Italy and Peru for the use of our friends and partners. These postcard tracts feature the book cover on the front, a clear and substantial gospel presentation on the back, and a QR code leading to the landing page for the free book and videobook. You can see the landing pages at curefordeath.net, it.curefordeath.net, and es.curefordeath.net!

Thanks for Your Partnership!
Finally, thank you for partnering with us in the Great Commission! God rejoices when His children set their hearts on fulfilling His call by praying, sending, and going. Truly, none of these encouraging reports could have come about without your partnership. Thanks for your faithful prayers, support, and encouragement!
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