June 2015 Jim Randall Update

I find myself doing more and more mentoring of young leaders helping them think through their vision and plans.  It is easy to become overwhelmed at the size of the job that is before us.  It’s like building a large building.  At first, it seems such an enormous task but if each craftsman does what he is supposed to do at the right time, the building will begin to take shape and eventually be completed.  Our work expands with continuing generations of new people being born.  We are only responsible for the time in which we live but hopefully building in such a way that new generations can build on the work we have done.  The job will not be finished till Jesus returns.  When Jesus finished His atoning work on the Cross, he said, “It is finished.”  At some point he will utter these words again but in regard to our work here on earth.  I and many others, like you, are doing the work assigned to us and hoping that our generation will see the completion of the Great Commission. 

In Romans 10:13, we read, “For whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.  How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed?  And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard?  And how shall they hear with a preacher?  And how shall they preach unless they are sent?”
In this passage, you will find three categories of people; Hearers, Preachers and Senders.  Which are you?  If you have not heard and responded to the truth of the Good News, you are a Hearer.  If you are a Believer, then you are either a Preacher of a Sender.  There are no Observers.  You are either called to GO and preach or Stay and send those who are called to go.  Some of us have been given the greatest privilege in the world, that is, to GO into all the world and preach the Gospel, as a missionary.  We are not all preachers.  Some of us do support work, like teaching, training and keeping the front line soldiers of the Cross out there doing their ministry.  Senders are those who stay behind to guard the camp and they received an equal reward with those who went to battle (I Samuel 30:24).  Both are necessary.  This does not mean that you, as a sender, are not responsible to share the Good News wherever you are.  It just means that you get to sleep in your own bed, eat familiar food and speak your native language all the time.  Getting to go is, to me, one of the greatest privileges I have ever known.  It’s kinda like being in God’s special forces.  I did some Ranger training at Fort Benning, Georgia in 1966.  Being a missionary is not like that but it has some similarities in the spiritual realm.
Thanks so much for praying for me and those I minister to and help with planning and implementation of their calling.  I meet with someone almost daily to plan, pray and encourage them that they are doing the Lord’s work and He is pleased with them.  I’m like the grandfather that they can talk with and help them work through their problems and issues.  I wish I had had someone to talk with when I was in Japan years ago doing front line church panting.  I have lots of experience.  That does not mean that I have all the answers but at least I can tell them what not to do from my personal experiences.
Thanks for praying for me and those I serve here in this part of the world.  
  1. The Leadership booklets are being translated into Vietnamese. That the translator will clearly convey the heart of the teaching.  I need wisdom for the printing.
  2. That the details of the Nigeria trip will come together and that I will have the right message and appropriate teaching for each location.
  3. Continued supply of the finances I need to do the Lord’s work here and in Africa.
  4. Continued good health. Not traveling to strange places and eating exotic foods for the past few months has caused me to gain a bit of weight.  I would like the Lord’s help to lose it.
  5. I would like to see the Supernatural work of the Lord when I go to Nigeria.
God Bless, Jim Randall

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