June 2019 Update: Look What Happens When God’s People Pray!

We returned from Cambodia on July 3rd after a tremendous time of ministry there. Our five-person mission team which included my wife Anne, our son JJ and his wife Cynthia from Peru and Jim Randall ministered in 20 villages preaching the gospel, doing Eyeglass Clinics and Children’s ministry. Seven of these villages were previously unreached. The others were the new church plants from last summer’s mission and some outreaches at government buildings.
Our mission Cambodia team. From left to right: Brian, Anne, Cynthia, Jim and JJ.
We brought 1,440 pair of eyeglasses with us, and 1,700 of our 16-page gospel tracts entitled “What Happens When You Die?” We were about to run out of eyeglasses after the first full week of ministry when Pastor Lak made some phone calls and found a place in a local market in Takeo where we purchased another 900 pair of eyeglasses. With those, we were able to provide eyeglasses to everyone who attended the Eyeglass outreaches and leave some behind for them to continue the outreaches. We are blessed to now have a source in Takeo to purchase eyeglasses so these outreaches can continue throughout the year through the wonderful group of local pastors and leaders we work with there.
Pastor Lak gives eyeglasses to a villager at an outreach.
The Children’s ministry was a sensation in the villages where Anne, Cynthia, and Jim did the ministry along with our Cambodian mission partners. The children loved the special ministry time, and many of the children responded to the gospel during these outreaches. Praise God!
Cynthia, Anne, and Jim ministering to village children.
In all 2,020 people received eyeglasses after hearing the preaching of the gospel, and filled out the response cards. 563 adults believed on the Lord Jesus Christ and were saved, this number does not include the children that were saved.
Each one of these new believers was prayed with individually to be sure they understood the message. At one village the chief stood up and said “I’m saved” and encouraged others to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. It was exciting witnessing so many giving their hearts to Jesus Christ! In addition to that, 568 people said they received healing at the prayer stations with the Cambodia pastors and leaders.
Pastor Cheun shares the gospel and prays at the prayer station.
JJ Weller shares the gospel at a community outreach.
In next months newsletter, we’ll share some stories regarding this Cambodian Mission from Anne, JJ and Cynthia, and give a Peru Mission report from Cort Bennett.
Prayer Request:
Please pray for the Kadena Chapel Team from Okinawa, Japan that will be in Cambodia July 20-29 doing VBS ministryin six different villages. This team will be led by Chelsea Ott, who brought a team to work with us last summer in Cambodia. Jim Randall will meet Chelsea and the team and minister alongside them.
Special Thanks: 
Special thanks to all of our mission supporters who make it possible to do what God has called us to do. Together, by God’s grace and power, we are making a difference.
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