Lives Transformed by the Christmas Blessing Project!

Every year, The Christmas Blessing Project offers God’s hope to thousands of children and adults around the world. Here are two stories of lives God has touched through these outreaches.
Christmas Hope for Pablo and Hector
Pablo (5) and Hector (9) lost their father to a brutal murder in their earliest years. Their single mother finds it difficult to make ends meet—let alone to buy Christmas gifts. At the CBP Outreach in their sandy Peruvian slum, Pastor Fabian Santillan gives them (and about 78 other poor children) a special Christmas gift, a piece of Paneton, a cup of hot chocolate, and the message of hope in Jesus Christ. Pablo and Hector respond with sobs of gratefulness. These are likely the only Christmas gifts they will receive this year.
Unreached Cambodians Learn Christmas’ True Meaning
The Cambodians of Ang Dang Slum Community have never heard of Jesus Christ. A Cambodian MM partner holds an evangelistic Christmas celebration and asks the Cambodians whose birthday Christmas commemorates. With joy, they shout, “Santa Claus!” As a light in the darkness, our partner proclaims the true Christmas message to them—the gospel of Jesus Christ. He demonstrates God’s gospel love by giving mosquito nets to 150 needy adults, school supplies to 250 giddy children, and healthy meals for many. This opens doors of trust, and he later leads many to Christ in their homes. This is the first encounter with the true meaning of Christmas many in this community have ever had.
What God Wants at Christmas
Luke 12:14 tells us God’s greatest desire at Christmas: “on earth peace, and good will toward men!” (KJV). Every year, Message Ministries & Missions offers the gift of peace in Jesus Christ to hungry souls around the world through the Christmas Blessing Project. We are preparing once again to give Christmas blessings to hundreds of needy people in Peru, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam — and we expect to hear stories of many touched lives.
Would you, your family or church like to bless children this Christmas with the love of Jesus Christ? Why not buy a Christmas gift for a child in Peru, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, or Vietnam for $5 or more? 100% of your donation will go directly towards the CBP outreach. Together, we can share the true meaning of Christmas — the love of Christ demonstrated on the cross!
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