March 2016

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For the last month, we have been helping some of the victims 100 Homes Burn to the Ground Piscoof a terrible fire in Pisco, Peru that destroyed 100 homes and everything in them. This is an area we have worked in on various trips to Peru. Some of the houses that burned down are prefab homes that we built with our USA and Peruvian mission teams.
We first worked in Pisco in 2007 after a terrible earthquake destroyed much of the city, causing 70% of the homes to be uninhabitable. The area where the fire recently hit is one of the squatter villages that came into being after the earthquake, and now these dear people have lost everything once again. We are doing our best to help Pastor Carlos and Flor reach out to the Temporary Shelters in Piscopeople in need there! Some of you have helped already with your prayers and donations, and we truly appreciate that. Together we were some of the first responders! In the initial phase we provided food, water and temporary shelter. You can see some of the temporary homes we put up just to provide some type of shelter (right). Our next phase is to provide more permanent homes for the people.

Hector Del Carpio and I met and decided that we needed to build homes that would not burn so easily if there ever was another fire. We’ve come up with a plan to build little homes using fire resistant materials like Hardie board and tin studs. The cost of each home will be $975. We hope to initially provide ten homes. Our plan is to build at least five Food and Water for Fire Relief in Piscoon our April mission to Peru and then leave the materials for the other five for the Peruvian teams to build. We have funding for four homes right now and need funds for six more. Our USA team is Hector, Mike (My son in law), his friend Cameron and myself. We will be joined by the Corazones en Fuego (Hearts on Fire) Peruvian youth and young adult team, led by Pastor Jose Amaya. We will also be doing evangelistic services most nights in the area where we will be building.

Please pray for God to move in a wonderful way as we share His message and for the provisions needed for this mission and for the homes. Thank you!


Prayer Requests
*  Please pray for Jim Randall as he continues his ministry in SE Asia. He recently returned from Vietnam where he was teaching and training indigenous missionaries and pastors. He is also in the process of having his first two training books printed for distribution to indigenous leaders in Vietnam. Please pray for God’s leading, power and provision.
*  Please pray for wisdom for our Peruvian leadership team (Pastor Fabian, Pastor Jose and Pastor Gilberto) as they lead Message Ministries in Peru. Pray for God’s provision as they go forward to reach the rest of their nation with the gospel.
*  Please pray for the indigenous ministries and missionaries we support in the 10/40 window (Free to Serve in SE Asia, Living Hope Ministries in India, and many indigenous missionaries in India, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar.)

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