March 2019 Update: Reach Cambodia with Us

Last June, Message Ministries traversed Cambodia, preaching in 15 unreached villages, evangelizing nearly 1,000 unreached souls, and giving away cases full of glasses and life-changing Khmer gospel tracts. Over two weeks, 606 adult Cambodians made professions of faith in Jesus Christ, hundreds of sick received physical healing, animists tore their magic bracelets, and ancestor worshippers destroyed their family spirit houses. As in all evangelistic work, some made spurious professions of faith, and others genuine. Still, 270-300 (nearly 50%) of those converts remain regularly involved in our partners’ church plants. In contrast, most evangelistic crusades have a 5% or less retention rate. We feel deeply grateful to God for His work, and to our partners for their faithful ministry since last June.

This June, we return to Cambodia to reach more unreached souls, minister to children, and encourage those who received Christ last year. We’ll also hold special outreaches for Cambodian soldiers, military and police. Could God be calling you to play a vital role in our upcoming mission? Here are four wonderful mission opportunities to consider.


First, you could reach the unreached by sponsoring gospel tracts. Cambodia has very little effective gospel literature, so we produced a 16-page full-color gospel tract called What Happens After Death? 4 Important Truths. This tract includes a contextualized gospel presentation, colorful illustrations, a prayer of surrender to Christ, and instructions for new disciples. The tract leads to our evangelistic website, where Cambodians can hear the gospel in their language. Last year, God drew many to Himself through these tracts, and our partners even used them as a visual aid while evangelizing one-on-one! This year, we want to print 1500 copies of What Happens After Death, at a total price of $943.

Did you know that you could sponsor the printing of 100  Khmer gospel tracts for only $62? Your small donation can directly reach 100 unreached souls. What an opportunity to impact eternity!


Second, you could increase outreach attendance for us by sponsoring eyeglasses. Many Cambodians live on less than $1 a day, and thus cannot afford simple needs like reading glasses. When we offer free eyeglasses, villagers flood our outreaches! Last year, over a thousand came expecting better physical sight — and hundreds soon received a glorious spiritual vision of the gospel of Jesus Christ! This year, we will conduct the same kind of outreaches, and expect similar attendance.

We want to purchase 1500 glasses to give away at roughly $900 total. You can sponsor 100 glasses for only $60. By doing so, you help us draw hundreds of villagers to our outreaches to hear the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.

Third, you could change the lives of Cambodian children by sponsoring child evangelism materials. This year, we’ve decided to refresh our focus on children’s ministry. Last year, droves of children attended our outreaches, but we hadn’t prepared any teaching material for them. This year Anne Weller will prepare children’s ministry materials to minister to these dear children. Cynthia Weller will help minister this curriculum to children at the outreaches, and we trust that God will use them greatly. We welcome your help with the cost of printing and other supplies. 
God may not lead you to meet any of those needs — but you can still play a vital role in this mission. Would you consider faithfully praying for our trip? In June, we carry the gospel of Jesus Christ into one of the most gospel-darkened nations in the world, and we need God to move. Please pray for God to save the lost, strengthen the saved, heal the sick, deliver the demonized, and give us wisdom in all we do. Your prayers are vital to our success! To support any of the above causes or to support JJ and Cynthia Weller’s tickets to Cambodia, please click the red button below.
Hello everyone, this is JJ Weller. I wanted to inform you that on January 26, 2019, I married my best friend Cynthia in Lima, Peru. Cynthia came to the Lord at one of our Peruvian youth camps many years ago, and our love story began several years later. We have been close for about 6 years, and she has constantly worked alongside me as I’ve ministered in Peru. Whenever I’ve written that “we saw great fruit” on some evangelism trip, I especially meant Cynthia and I. Now, we are ministry partners for life! We’re currently living in Lima, Peru, enjoying one another, creating gospel-focused media for Message Ministries, processing Cynthia’s marriage visa, discipling a small group of youth, and seeking opportunities to minister evangelistically alongside local churches.
We will also join the Cambodia trip this June. We are trusting the Lord to provide about $4400 to cover our airfare. We covet your prayers and welcome your financial support if the Lord leads you. Please also pray for us as a new married couple. We can’t wait to see you again!

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