May 2012 Update

Cross street youth mission team prepares for trip

In a couple weeks, we’ll board a plane for Peru with the Cross Street Youth Mission Team. This will be our 16th year we’ve taken the Cross Street Team on a mission trip, and we’re excited about this year’s version of the team! We have 22 people from 10 different churches, and they’re ready to give it all to shine the light of Jesus and reach the people of Peru!

I’m blessed by the vision, faith, and hard work that these young people and their leaders have put into going on this trip. They have been making extra money by doing odd jobs. They have attended the meetings on a regular basis to prepare spiritually, as well as preparing music and drama for presentation. They have a fervent passion for God. It’s inspirational to have an amazing group of teens and leaders willing to GO and invest their lives and energy to make their mission dream come true, to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus.

Most of these youths have never been to the third world. Their hearts are going to be opened wide when:
• they hug or play with a child who lives in a shack with no floor and a plastic roof.
• they build a prefab home for a family with little or nothing   (hit here to read more)

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