May 2015


The camp will be in Chaclacayo, Peru, and will be life changing for all those who attend. For many of these youth, having the opportunity to leave their dreary hometown surroundings is an extreme blessing in itself. They will spend four days with youth from different parts of Lima. They will eat together, play together, worship together, pray together and read His Word together. Many will attend for the very first time and experience God’s love, presence and power like never before!

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Most of the Christian youth will leave this camp spiritually refreshed, rejuvenated, renewed and revived. They will go back to their homes ready to serve the Lord, their families, and their churches, and to reach all of Peru with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Still, others will leave the camp as new believers, new creatures in Christ, and new members of the family of God. They will leave knowing who Jesus Christ truly is, and will want to tell others. That is exciting to me, and is one of the many things that fuels the passion in my heart to continue doing the mission work that we do.

We need the help of our mission supporters to pray and to help pay the expenses associated with the camp. It costs $35 for a teen to attend this camp, and we will have about 150 Peruvian youth. That price covers everything, and is a small price to pay when you consider the lifelong fruit that will come forth from the camp. Please consider helping by sponsoring one or more youth! Thank you!

Peru Youth Camp Sponsorship



God has been good to open doors of opportunity for me to minister to many people multiple times in 11 different countries in SE Asia, during my time here. My assignment in SE Asia has been to train leaders so they can do the work of the ministry and reach those I will never meet till we all get to Heaven. I’ve been writing leadership training booklets that will be translated into five languages: Thai, Lao, Myanmar, Khmer (Cambodia), Vietnamese and Mandarin. The first one is being translated into Vietnamese this month.  


I plan to go to Nigeria for the month of August to work with the 2015-01-30 07.54.56Student Volunteer Movement II. I will speak at their annual convention in Laos and travel to do training for various groups. Going to Africa will fulfill the Word of God to me from 40 years ago. I hope to have some of my leadership booklets in English to present to leaders where I teach. I will give them permission to reprint in English and/or translate into regional languages for distribution in Africa.

Thanks for praying for me and helping financially so that I can be your representative to train those who will reach those who have not yet heard the Good News of Jesus.

God bless you,   Jim

Please pray for the following:
1. Provision for the ministry, personal living expenses, travel and cost for translating and printing of the Leadership booklets.

2. Good health and safety.
3. Closer walk with the Lord and the ability to hear His voice and respond quickly.
4. Ability to write the remaining leadership booklets in a way that is understandable for Asians.
5. Ability to mentor the various leaders I meet and correspond with regularly here in Chiang Mai and SE Asia.
6. That God would go before me and prepare the way for the Nigeria trip.
Please go to Jim’s page  to read his full update:
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in Peru. We can cover some of these funds with donations that have already come in, but we still need some help. The cost for a prefab home, complete with a concrete floor, windows, electric, and door locks, is $1,950. If there are any leftover funds, we’ll buy bunk beds, a table and chairs for the family. If you would like to help, we welcome your gifts.

Donate Funds for a Prefab Home


Brian’s new book “Backsliding in Heart – 5 Steps to a Backsliding Heart and Back Again ” is now available on Amazon.    


Most Christians have backslidden in their hearts at times in their lives with Jesus. But how does that happen? Did the twelve disciples ever backslide? Most importantly, if we have backslidden in heart, how can we slide forward, and stay in a thriving relationship with the Lord? In this simple but engaging book, Brian walks us through the biblical story of the disciple Peter’s downfall and restoration to help us answer these questions and more. He clearly reveals five steps to a backsliding heart and back again.