Ministry of the Week: Laos Children’s Home

We’ve started a new site feature — the ministry of the week! Every week, we will highlight one of our ministry partners to encourage missions zeal and connect you to amazing missions opportunities. This week, we want to connect you with an amazing ministry to persecuted children and teens in Laos–the Laos Children’s Home. We pray this article blesses you. As you read, ask the Lord, “What’s my role?” 
MM and FTS Ministries are offering persecuted Christian children a chance to succeed in life. The Laos Children’s Home provides food, shelter, care, education and discipleship for 16 Laotian children who have been forbidden from village schools. This labor of love has strengthened these child disciples and led to the salvation of many village families. 
The Laotian government works hard to prevent Christian children from succeeding in life. “The government believes that Christians are harmful to the country, so they persecute them. They forbid the Christian children from studying in the village schools to try to squeeze the parents to return to Buddhism,” FTS leader David S. told us.  Due to rising costs of city life, most villagers cannot send their children to city schools. This leaves many children with no opportunity for education.
But MM and FTS Ministries are helping Laos’ Christian children and orphans to succeed in life and godliness. The Laos Children’s Home provides lodging, food, family, discipleship and tuition for little ones who need to study in the city. Sixteen children (ages 6-15) live together under the care of Pastor S., his family, and volunteers from his church. From Monday through Friday the children eat healthy meals, sleep in warm beds, study in distinguished schools, learn the Bible from anointed ministers and learn to pray, read the Bible and worship God.
FTS’ loving labors have borne great fruit in these little lives. Every Saturday and Sunday, Pastor S. brings the children to their villages to visit their loved ones. FTS leader David S. told us the results of these visits: “When they go back to their villages and eat with their parents, they say, ‘you cannot eat before you pray to God!’ The children start to witness to their families, and sometimes ask our team to visit and share about Jesus. Many families have come to Christ this way!”
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