Ministry of the Week: Pastor Isara is Winning the Lost in Unreached Thailand

We’re starting a new site feature — the ministry of the week! Every week, we will highlight one of our ministry partners to encourage missions zeal and connect you to amazing missions opportunities. This week, we want to connect you with an MM partner who is winning many to Christ in unreached Thailand. Meet Pastor Isara! Here’s an article about this very special servant of God. Enjoy!

Thailand. About 67,188,000 people (98.6%) with minimal gospel exposure. Only 1.3% profess Christ in any way. Yet the message of Jesus Christ is increasing with great strength. Pastor Isara is reaching the unreached peoples of Thailand with the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Isara has dedicated his life to shine Christ’s light in gospel-darkened Thailand. Compelled by Christ’s love, he has planted evangelical churches among both poor Thai villagers and well-to-do citizens of Chiang Rai City. Both villagers and city people have flocked to the Savior through Isara’s ministry. At first, people from the city responded very slowly, But today, 17 families from Chiang Rai have come to Christ. He regularly visits populated areas to hand out tracts and preach the gospel, and the Lord is stretching out His hand to save.

A dedicated pastor at heart, Isara labors almost every evening to strengthen his Thai disciples in the Lord. He visits homes, builds friendships, develops trust and gives these disciples the Biblical counsel they need to grow into healthy, mature Christians. He also holds house meetings with different churches every Wednesday. Like the Savior he follows, Isara “lays down his life for the sheep” by giving up his time for them.

Isara has learned much about evangelism through many years of church planting and now desires to impart these lessons to a new generation of Thai evangelists. For this reason, he has shifted his primary focus from winning the lost to training the churches in Biblical evangelism. By training effective evangelists, he hopes to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to every corner of unreached Thailand.

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