Laos: Native Missionaries 
Oppressive Communism. Widespread drug addiction. And 79.8% of the population has minimal exposure to the gospel of Jesus Christ. MM is partnering with Free to Serve missionaries in the unreached nation of Laos. Read below to learn more. 
Anonymous Missionary Profiles
(Identities protected for security purposes)
Laos Pastor K #2: 
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Pastor S. wins souls, plants churches, counsels pastors, and trains Christian leaders. He also raises children and orphans in a discipleship home. Lost in drugs and alcohol before Christ, S. now burns to train disciples who can reach a lost generation of Lao people. Click here to learn more about Pastor S. 
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Pastor K. wins souls, plants churches, trains Christian pastors, and ministers to the saints. In his 70s, he mainly focuses on training the younger generation to preach God’s Word with power and accuracy.