November 1, 2012 Update

We are building a church in the 6th de Abril area of Pachacutec. This will be a pre-fab structure that will be built at our Able Hands Vocational Training Center in Lomas de Carabayllo. It will then be put up by our December mission team with help from a Peruvian youth team.

Pastor Carlos and Veronica have worked in this region for several years. A year ago, we started one of our Loaves and Fishes Feeding Centers in the area in conjunction with their ministry. At this center, about 50 children are regularly fed and taught God’s Word. The ministry has now grown into a church for all age groups, children, youth, and adults.

We’ve built five prefab homes for needy families in this area so far, and we plan on more. It’s one of the poorest areas in Pachacutec.

The land for the 6th de Abril church facility was donated by a woman in the area who has been blessed by our ministry. It then cost about $600 for legal paperwork.

Now, what we need is $3,900 to pay for materials for the church. This includes the cost of the wood building, the electrical, the concrete floor, the roof, windows, and some locks for the doors.

We welcome your help with the 6th de Abril Project. Like the other church facilities we have built in Peru, it’s a low-cost, high-yield project. Tens of thousands of meals will be provided in this building; plus children, youth, and adults trained in the ways of the Lord through the teaching of God’s word. We also plan to provide vocational training here as a satellite outreach of the Able Hands Vocational Training Center.

In His Service,

Brian Weller

2012 November Message Ministries Newsletter

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