November 2023: Thankful to Partner in God’s Mission

This Thanksgiving, let’s thank God for calling us as ambassadors in such a vital hour of history. The world needs the gospel of Jesus Christ more than ever. It also desperately needs to see God’s love in action as we feed the poor, care for widows and orphans, and more. We feel so grateful to represent you in these ways through our incredible partners in Cambodia, China, India,Laos, Myanmar, Peru, Thailand, and Uganda. God has opened many ministry doors in 2023, and we can’t wait to see what He will accomplish!

We praise God for the regular stream of reports we receive from the mission field. I wish we had space to share them all in this newsletter—but for now, we’ll share just a few.

Twenty-One Baptized in Cambodia
Recently, twenty-one surrendered to Jesus through the ministry of Pastor Rin from Mercy Village Church in Cambodia. The photo above shows one of those baptisms in a small pool in the slums of Phnom Penh. Let’s rejoice together in what God is doing! Then, let’s put our hands to the plow and partner to invite more souls to receive salvation through Jesus Christ and have their names written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.
Christmas Blessings to Come
We’re pleased to report we’ve received $8,100 in Christmas Blessing Project donations. That’s enough to give gifts to 1,620 children at CBP outreaches! We just sent $4,110 to Peru, we’ll send funds to Cambodia at November’s end, and then we’ll send CBP funds to our partners in India, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Uganda. Please join us in praying for God’s provision! We aim to raise $15,000 for CBP 2023. We’ll allocate every dollar to provide gifts and share Jesus this Christmas! To sponsor Christmas blessings, click the button immediately below. Special thanks to those who have given!
Passing the Missions Torch in the Bahamas
JJ and I had a tremendous time at Unshakeable missions conference in Nassau this month with EJOMI, a Bahamian missions organization. We felt privileged to represent MM and teach on the 10/40 Window and biblical evangelism.

The conference provided an excellent opportunity to meet other mission-hearted people and share the need to reach the unreached in the 10/40 Window. The Bahamian Christians we met strongly desire to send the gospel to those 3.4 billion unreached souls. What a blessing to see! We pray their zeal spreads like wildfire!

A personal highlight for me (Brian) was when JJ shared an evangelistic message with the religion students from public high schools that opted to participate in the conference. It was such a blessing to see many youth welcome Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour after hearing a clear gospel message. I didn’t expect to see that happen at a missions conference, but we praised God when it did. Gloria a Dios!

A Christmas Mission to Peru—December 6th
Please pray for us as we return to Peru on December 6th. While there, we’ll construct two prefab homes for needy Peruvian families—one with Pastor Gilberto in Lomas de Carabayllo and one with Pastor Fabian in Pachacutec. We want to thank Suncoast Cathedral Assembly of God in St. Petersburg, Florida, for sponsoring these two homes. While in Peru, we’ll also minister at several CBP celebrations.

Please pray for Anne, me, JJ, Cynthia, and my grandchildren, Autumn and William. Our other team member is our good friend and MM Peru mission ambassador, Cort Bennett. JJ, Cynthia, and the kids will be staying for an extended time to visit with her family. Thank you for your prayers! If you would like to help send us, we welcome your support. You can support the trip at the link below.

New Episodes of Invasion of Light
We’re posting new episodes of Invasion of Light Podcast every other Tuesday! Check out our two November episodes below!

Episode 12: God’s Ready to Speak Through You!

“Jesus is ready to transform lives. What’s His primary strategy to change the world? The Bible’s answer is crystal clear. Jesus changes the world by speaking through us. Brian and JJ discuss this Tuesday in Invasion of Light Episode 12.”
Episode 13: God’s Ready to Speak Through You! Part 2

“In the last podcast, we discussed how God rescues us from darkness.

Mankind is so hardened that we never come to Jesus until God appeals to us supernaturally (John 6:44-45). But God wants to use His people to make that appeal (2 Cor. 5:20)!

In this episode, we dive deeper into the themes of man’s sin and God’s drawing. We ask:

° How did we become so horrendously blind and corrupt in the first place?

° Who’s to blame for sin—God, or us?

° How does the wrong answer compromise the gospel and harm our hearers?

° How should a biblical view of sin affect our preaching?

Then, we wrap up with some deeply encouraging conversation about the convicting and converting power of God’s Word. Don’t miss it—tons of scripture today! You might be thinking about this episode for a while!”

Thanks for Your Partnership!
Finally, thank you for partnering with us in the Great Commission! God rejoices when His children set their hearts on fulfilling His call by praying, sending, and going. Truly, none of these encouraging reports could have come about without your partnership. Thanks for your faithful prayers, support, and encouragement!
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