October 2015 Jim Randall Update


Hello and thanks in advance for taking the time to read this letter and pray for me.

Sorry to have taken so long since my last note to you. I just returned from the US and recovering from jet lag and an intensive trip. I was going to spend more time in the US and go up to BC but broke a back tooth. I was already planning to have it pulled when I returned. It is so incredibly expensive to go to a dentist in the US. Dental work in Thailand is only about 20% of what it cost in the US and Australia. Many people come to Chiang Mai for what they call “Dental Holiday.” Then a few days later one of my front teeth also broke off at the gum. It had a crown from a work related accident almost 45 years ago. Apparently some decay had gotten under the crown and it broke off at the gum. Stephanie’s dentist in California glued it back temporarily but it needs to be replaced. I will see the dentist tomorrow. They will probably say I need a dental implant. It had already been recommended for the back tooth before I went to Nigeria. Someone suggested that I get them all pulled and get dentures. That’s for old people and I’m not there yet.

I had wanted to see more of you but felt that I needed to return home to take care of the teeth problem. Besides, people from Africa were suppose to arrive this week but I was just notified that they will not come till November 8. Also Sandy Cohen just wrote saying that she cannot come in December as planned. I am wondering what’s going on. When a door closes, God usually opens another.

Prayer requests:
1. I need to get my dental work taken care of this week or at least begin the process. I need wisdom as to what to do. Both teeth had old crowns and both broke off at the gum. The rear one may need surgery to get it out. I REALLY don’t like dentists. I have heard that all dentists are going to Hell because their mission in life is only to inflict pain. Please pray that all will go well and that I will make the best decisions and that the Lord will provide for whatever I need. If I get a dental implant, it will cost around $2,000 for each tooth and take several months to complete.

2. My schedule. The Africans will probably want to go to Cambodia to see a unique rice farming project that I have told them about. The main man will not be there but perhaps there will be someone else who can explain the project. Please pray that all will come together for them here and in Cambodia. They are all board members of the organization, BAM Nigeria, that I suggested and helped them form when I was in Nigeria. I have some position on the board of directors as an adviser. The goal is to start businesses that will reach the lost and support missionary work in other African countries and beyond. Please pray for God’s plan to be revealed for this and for the remainder of the year.

3. Someone gave me a new computer because my old one broke in Nigeria. However, it is not working properly. I will be two weeks before my Russian computer friend will be back to look at it. Please pray that he will get it to work properly. It is an EXTREME frustration. I am using an old computer to write this. The duct tape is still holding it together.

4. The pastor of the church I attend here in CM wants me to meet with three different missionaries who are having problems with their church leadership (other missionaries). As a leadership consultant, he wants me to help resolve leadership issues and train them in how to manage their people. He oversees a couple of hundred churches and leaders in Asia.


6. I need to hear from God for those I minister to as well as for myself. Please pray for a closer walk with the Lord, ears to hear and a willing heart to do what He says. Boldness to speak would also be good. It is often hard to say what people don’t want to hear. Also, I need discipline to write more leadership booklets. The ones in Vietnamese are ready to print which will take funding that I don’t have right now. Each will cost about 50 cents US to print. They are free online but few have access to a computer. I also have request for Thai, Lao and Burmese. Download a free copy at: www.leadership101.asia

7. You can always pray for a steady flow of finances for the work. I haveafrica-color open doors to return to Nigeria and also to go to Ghana, Liberia, Uganda and also Zimbabwe in the Spring.

8. One last request. I need continued good health for the journey ahead. I also need energy. I keep an intensive schedule and sometimes I get very tired. I just turned 69 years old a few weeks ago so I should have another 10 to 15 good years before I will need to start slowing down.

God bless you and thanks for praying for me,


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