October 2016

2016-10-09-12-38-28I recently returned from an amazing trip to Peru. What a blessing it was and is to work with some of the most dedicated, humble, and hardest-working pastors and leaders on this planet. It is amazing how far a group of leaders can go and how much they can accomplish when they are walking in unity. 
Our leadership team in Peru is standing strong together to fulfill the call of God to reach their great nation through a variety of outreach efforts, mission trips, discipleship training, and evangelism. This includes the wonderful work going on in and through the local Peruvian churches, including the eleven Loaves and Fishes Feeding Centers, the Eyeglass Clinic Outreaches, the Corazones en Fuego youth teams, and the Able Hands Vocational Training Center. It is always sad to leave my good friends in Peru, but as I returned to the USA, I praised God for all He has done and is doing as we walk together in unity, as servants of God to accomplish His purposes and plans.
2016-10-13-11-28-43On this trip, JJ, Cort, Antonetta, Garrett, and I were blessed to teach on missions, evangelism, and discipleship at the Corazones en Fuego Youth Missions and Discipleship Retreat in Marquez. We were also blessed to visit various churches and ministries and to conduct outreaches that included eyeglass clinics, children’s ministries, and more! As we step into the future, we are excited about many of the great things that God is doing, including:
#1 – PACTO DE VIDA UNIVERSITY: We have the opportunity to bring Pacto De Vida University classes into some of the Peruvian prisons. The classes will be adapted and streamlined into a discipleship course for those in the prisons who are believers. This is something that has been on the heart of Pastor Fabian for quite some time. We met with Dr. Deaton, the founder of Pacto De Vida University, and we are moving forward with the first outreach at a prison in the Huaraz area. Please pray for Pastor Fabian and Cecilia as they launch this new mission outreach. They already pastor two churches in the Lima area, and they are now blessed to have the added help of their son Leo, who has been attending Bible School.
#2 – CORAZONES EN FUEGO GROUPS: We are moving forward with the vision to establish Corazones En Fuego or “CEF” (Hearts on Fire) youth and young adult discipleship and missionary training groups throughout Peru in the regions where the churches we work with have conducted missions trips. Pastor Jose and Pastor Gilberto have established working relationships throughout Peru through their various mission outreaches. Please pray for Diana Del Carpio, who is starting a CEF group in Arequipa.  As I write this newsletter, JJ and Cort are there now to help her establish that ministry.
#3 – MESSAGE MINISTRIES MISSIONS BASE: We are excited to have most of the Marquez Roof Project finished. When it’s completed, we will have a better base of operations for Message Ministries and Missions-Peru. As I 2016-10-07-13-33-38have shared before, this base is available for the churches that we work with to have gatherings and retreats of all types, and it provides the CEF Teams with a training location to GO forth from. We are thrilled with how God provided the funds we needed to complete the roof. We still need some funds for the windows, and we are trusting God for the remainder of what is needed. Thank you for your prayers and support.
As we work toward spending more time ministering in Southeast Asia and in the “10/40” window, we felt led by the Holy Spirit to build strong the arm of our ministry in Peru. I can joyfully report to you that the Peruvian ministry is now stronger than ever, and I am truly thankful to God for a group of leaders who are so willing to humble themselves before one another and before Him. They are an amazing group of servant leaders, and we know that it is only by God’s grace and power that we have accomplished any of the things we have been able to do. We are truly blessed to be servants of God. 
In His service,  Brian Weller
PS: If you would like to stay updated on what we are doing, see our pictures, view our videos, read our reports, and join our prayer team, please visit our Facebook prayer group at www.facebook.com/groups/messageministriesprayer. If you send us a request, we will add you as a member.
On our recent trip to Peru, our team of 5 from the USA and the Corazones en Fuego Peru mission team worked together to do some Eyeglass Clinics and Outreaches in three different locations.  Praise God for those who received glasses so they can read, work more efficiently, or be able to study in school without squinting.  We also praise God for those who received spiritual sight through the clear presentation of the gospel at the final station of the clinic where we have people ready to pray with people and share the gospel.  Here are a few pictures of the outreaches.


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