Opportunity: Give a Home to a Peruvian Family in Need!

Anne and I are preparing for another trip to Peru from October 21 to November 2. She ended up staying home in September and feels thrilled about this mission. We’ll visit churches we missed on the last trip and hopefully build three prefab homes.
We started planning this trip in the past year when three extraordinary women connected with Message Ministries went home to the Lord. They all had connections with the ministry in Peru and building prefab homes. Those three women are Cecilia Santillan, Linda Stewart, and Susie Gorton.
Susie, the wife of Pastor Bob Gorton of People’s Christian Fellowship in Bradford, Pennsylvania, has always been a great encouragement to me, our family, and our ministry. Susie, Pastor Bob, and People’s Christian have faithfully supported our mission work in Perú and elsewhere for many years. Cecelia, the wife of Pastor Fabian, went home to be with the Lord in February. Cecilia was a genuinely humble, loving warrior in God’s Kingdom and, together with Pastor Fabian, led two churches and ministered to many in Peru. Linda Stewart went on multiple mission trips to Perú, helped build many prefab homes, helped lead our Cross Street Mission teams, and helped make our youth camps a success for many years. Their example lives on in our hearts!
We plan to build three prefab homes for needy families in Pachacutec in memory of these dear sisters. We will build them together from October 24 to 28. Some of the Stewart family are coming to Perú to help us build these homes, along with a few others. We are in the process of receiving donations for the cost of the homes. Due to inflation in Peru, we will need $6,000 for three houses. Still, that’s not a lot considering it will provide homes for three families!
This is Yaquelin, she will receive one of the homes. She is a Christian mother with five children. Her husband abandoned them.
This is Ana, she will receive one of the homes. She is a Christian and is disabled with polio.
These small three-room houses will bless them enormously. If you would like to help, please click the orange button below. Each team member is paying their travel expenses, so we only need funds for house materials. 

Thank you, and God bless you!

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