Pastor J. Report – December 2015

This report follows Pastor J’s work among flood victims in Kyianglap. Pastor J. reports how they helped the victims and led 70 to Christ. Read more!
In Last 6 months, I was busy helping those victims of flood in Kyianglap areas. There are about 10 villages affected, many houses are destroyed, many people’s farm and rice fields are destroyed and many people died. However, I can see God has turned this evil to good and I thank God for touching many  people’s hearts through the donations to those flood victims, especially there are many churches and Christian organization come and helping those victims through us therefore we used this opportunity preach gospel. We have bought rice and different kinds of food , blankets, clothes for those victim , we are able to help 100 of families , sometime invited come to pick up foods at our church and preach gospel to them before contributing, Results: we have led more than 70 people to Christ, Please keep on pray for us , we really need people who can speak Shan languages to work with those Shan people and we got a very few Shan people committed themselves to serve God, please pray for this too.
Thanks you for praying and supporting me in ministry!

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