Report: A Missionary Church in Cambodia

Our partners at Mercy Village Church (MVC) are launching a missions movement in Cambodia! Recently, they commissioned Rotha to SHARE GOD’S HOPE in his hometown in Kbong Kmong Province. Now, they’ve planned even more short-term missions in May and June. Among the new short-term missionaries are Rotana and his wife, Phalla. Pastor Rin tells the story:
Rotana and his wife share a longing to bring Jesus’s good news to their home town of Veal Prov. Last year, we went together to reach the village. Next week, we’ll gather the church to pray for Rotana, Phalla, and their son, Hero, as we send them on a family missionary journey. As they serve this remote village, they will learn to love, trust, and depend on God’s Word and the Holy Spirit.”
With your generous support, we plan to help MVC launch several more leaders to their hometowns this summer. We’re also sending $900 towards walls for the new church plant in Prey Veng. The congregation already gathers in a sturdy roofed structure—but it has no walls! MVC has already raised $900 towards the need, and we’re sending them another $900 as graciously donated by Frontline Evangelistic Outreach Center in Weeki Wachee, Florida.
Please take a few moments to pray for Rotana, Phalla, and their young son, Hero, as they launch out to preach God’s good news in their hometown. Thanks for helping them SHARE GOD’S HOPE!
Would you like to sponsor God’s work in Cambodia?