September 2015 Jim Randall Update

I just returned from four days of teaching about 50 pastors in Mae Sai, Thailand. The pastors came from Myanmar, Laos (only 8 of 16 from Laos were allowed across the border this time), China and Thailand. Thanks for praying. The last day, I taught on “Remembering what God has done for you” from Psalms 78:40-42. The word “remember” means to bring back to your memory, to talk about it or make mention and to make some kind of memorial so you will continually keep it before your eyes. The most significant part of the word remember is that it is also the same word translated “male.” It’s not because only the males were remembered in the genealogies but that the male carries the seed of reproduction. Therefore, what you bring back to your memory, talk about and make some kind of memorial for, will be reproduced in your life. Therefore, we should be always giving testimony for the things we want to see reproduced in our lives. The pastors began giving testimonies of things that they need to see reproduced in their lives and ministry.
What do you need reproduced in your life. Give testimony of what God has done in the past and plant a seed of reproduction that will produce in the fullness of time.Giving testimony is powerful. Rev. 12:11.

I left for the USA on September 26 just before midnight (Saturday my time) and arrived inSan Francisco around Noon on Saturday the 26th. I will spend some time with my daughter Stephanie and her family, then go to Dallas (Oct.1 to Oct. 9) to see my son Tim and some supporters. I need to go see my brother in Alabama for a couple of days then be back in Dallas for a conference on the 8th. I will go to St. Petersburg, FL to spend some time with Brian and some Message Ministries folks and share in a Sunday service there. Then I will fly back to California before heading back to Thailand on October 22nd. I am not sure if I will get to Canada this time but I just received an e-mail saying that the people from Africa who were coming in October will be delayed till around November 1. My tickets are already booked. If I can change my departure to Thailand, I will have time to go up to British Columbia.

Please pray for the following.

1. Safe travel, no missed connections, no luggage lost stolen, damaged or delayed.
2. Health throughout the entire travel time. I was healthy during my entire Africa trip and can’t remember when I last had even a headache. I only get tired sometimes.
3. That I can arrange my time to see everyone that I need to and would like to see as well as Divine Appointments.
4. God’s purpose be accomplished at the Global Advance Conference in Dallas on October 7 or 8. I’m not sure which day it is. I will be meeting with the GA leadership and some of their African and Asian contacts to plan for next year.
5. Financial provision for this trip and all that the Lord directs me to do. I will return to Africa in February or March for two months. This time I will also go to Ghana, Liberia and maybe Uganda. Thanks for praying! 
God bless you,      Jim

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