September 2015

Leadership Team Summit 2
I returned to Peru in early September with Hector Del Carpio (our former Peru Ministry Director) and Chuck Moore (our ministry Vice President) to meet with our Peruvian leadership team and discuss our vision and goals for the ministry in Peru.  Before we arrived in Peru, Marco Aroni informed us that he was resigning as our Peru Field Coordinator. We thank Marco for his three years of service with the ministry and wish him well in the future and pray God leads him in what is next for him.
Brian, Hector, Chuck, Ps. Jose, Ps. Fabian and Ps. Gilberto in Peru.

Brian, Hector, Chuck, Ps. Jose, Ps. Fabian and Ps. Gilberto in Peru.


We are going forward into what God has in store for us as we press into the center of His will for the ministry in Peru. We have been working in Peru for 16 years and God has been faithful to bring the right people to the ministry at the right time.  For the time being, we have decided to go forward without another Field Coordinator. Instead, our leadership team will consist of the three pastors that we have worked with the longest in Peru – Pastor Fabian, Pastor Jose and Pastor Gilberto.  Hector Del Carpio will be helping us communicate with these leaders from the USA.  As most of you know, Hector and I worked together in Peru for over 10 years before he moved to the United States and married Beth.  We are now living in the same city and are blessed to have his help once again!

Each pastor will have a couple areas of leadership to help oversee, but all three will work together to provide more accountability and oversight in all areas of ministry.  These leaders were already a part of our leadership team but will take a much more active role from now on.

  • Pastor Fabian and Cecilia will be heading up the Bible School ministry.  We met with Dr. Deaton and his wife Marilyn of Pacto de Vida Universidad and have made a goal to establish and re-establish campuses in different churches that we now work with.  This will once again provide needed Bible School training for the pastors, indigenous missionaries and ministry leaders we work with in Peru. This is so important!
  • Pastor Jose and Amanda will be leading the Corazones en Fuego (Hearts on Fire) Peruvian youth discipleship and missionary training ministry.  They started this ministry, and will once again lead it. We will be expanding CEF so that more youth and young adults can be involved. Our goal is to make it a 12 month discipleship training program.  The youth will be sent from the local churches that we work with for discipleship, mentoring and ministry opportunities and then sent back to their local churches to do the same.
  • Pastor Gilberto and Doris will be overseeing the Able Hands Vocational Training Centers in Peru and will be dispersing funds to the different ministry leaders.  Pastor Gilberto and Doris have been in ministry for many years and are a great blessing to our leadership team.

Lastly, on our trip we became an official registered ministry in Peru! Our Peru Board of Directors consists of Hector Del Carpio, Pastor Fabian, Pastor Jose, Pastor Gilberto, and I.  This will make the progress of the gospel under the Peruvian leadership team much easier.  As we reach into other parts of the world, it is important that Message Ministries’ Peru branch is set up so as to push us forward with ease into the things the Lord has planned for the Peruvian people. God wants to reach Peru with the gospel and the best way to do that is to assist the nationals with this task! Please pray as we step into the future. 

God is great, and we want to serve Him with our whole hearts.

Thank You For Caring Banner
Because of God’s faithfulness and your generosity last month we: 
  • Supported the Orphanage in Laos 
  • Supported Indigenous Missionaries in Southeast Asia. 
  • Supported James Sann in Cambodia.
  • Supported Jim Randall in Southeast Asia 
  • Supported Ten Feeding Center Ministries in Peru 
  • Supported the Vocational Training Center in Peru
  • Provided a Motorcycle for James Sann in Cambodia 
  • Provided Eyeglasses for Indigenous Peruvian mission Teams and more!
Please pray along with us as we trust God 
to meet many needs this upcoming month! 
If you would like to help just hit the link below 
to visit the donation page on this website.
Jim Randall Mission Update
I just returned from four days of teaching about 50 pastors in Mae Sai, Thailand. The pastors came from Myanmar, Laos (only 8 of 16 from Laos were allowed across the border this time), China and Thailand. Thanks for praying. The last day, I taught on “Remembering what God has done for you” from Psalms 78:40-42. The word “remember” means to bring back to your memory, to talk about it or make mention and to make some kind of memorial so you will continually keep it before your eyes. The most significant part of the word remember is that it is also the same word translated “male.” It’s not because only the males were remembered in the genealogies but that the male carries the seed of reproduction. Therefore, what you bring back to your memory, talk about and make some kind of memorial for, will be reproduced in your life. Therefore, we should be always giving testimony for the things we want to see reproduced in our lives. The pastors began giving testimonies of things that they need to see reproduced in their lives and ministry.
What do you need reproduced in your life. Give testimony of what God has done in the past and plant a seed of reproduction that will produce in the fullness of time. Giving testimony is powerful. Rev. 12:11.

I left for the USA on September 26 just before midnight (Saturday my time) and arrived inSan Francisco around Noon on Saturday the 26th. I will spend some time with my daughter Stephanie and her family, then go to Dallas (Oct.1 to Oct. 9) to see my son Tim and some supporters. I need to go see my brother in Alabama for a couple of days then be back in Dallas for a conference on the 8th. I will go to St. Petersburg, FL to spend some time with Brian and some Message Ministries folks and share in a Sunday service there. Then I will fly back to California before heading back to Thailand on October 22nd. I am not sure if I will get to Canada this time but I just received an e-mail saying that the people from Africa who were coming in October will be delayed till around November 1. My tickets are already booked. If I can change my departure to Thailand, I will have time to go up to British Columbia.

Please pray for the following.

1. Safe travel, no missed connections, no luggage lost stolen, damaged or delayed.
2. Health throughout the entire travel time. I was healthy during my entire Africa trip and can’t remember when I last had even a headache. I only get tired sometimes.
3. That I can arrange my time to see everyone that I need to and would like to see as well as Divine Appointments.
4. God’s purpose be accomplished at the Global Advance Conference in Dallas on October 7 or 8. I’m not sure which day it is. I will be meeting with the GA leadership and some of their African and Asian contacts to plan for next year.
5. Financial provision for this trip and all that the Lord directs me to do. I will return to Africa in February or March for two months. This time I will also go to Ghana, Liberia and maybe Uganda.
Thanks for praying! 
God bless you,      Jim



  • Please pray for Message Ministries in Peru as we re-establish the ministry under our pastoral team of leaders. Pray specifically for Pastors Fabian, Jose and Gilberto.
  • Please pray for Jim Randall as he spends the next month in the USA. Pray for wisdom as he writes also please pray for health and financial provisions.
  • Please pray for Living Hope Ministries in the northern part of India. Pray for the children and leaders of the Mercy Children’s Home. Pray for the children and leaders in the Living Hope School in the slums near Delhi. Pray for Sudbodh and Sakshi and DC and Sona as they lead this ministry. 
  • Please pray for James Sann in Cambodia.  Pray for wisdom as he ministers to those living in the slums around Pnomh Penh. 
  • Please pray for the indigenous missionaries we are supporting in Laos and Myanmar.
  • Please pray for the children and leaders that we support in Laos. This is a communist country and it is hard ministering the gospel there.
  • Please pray for Living Hope Ministries in the northern part of India. Pray for the children and leaders of the Mercy Children’s Home. Pray for the children and leaders in the Living Hope School in the slums near Delhi. Pray for Sudbodh and Sakshi and DC and Sona as they lead this ministry. 
  • Please pray for Brian as he leads Message Ministries as we continue to expand around the world. 
  • Please pray for financial provisions to meet the needs that come our way.