September 2016 Jim Randall Update

Things are going well. I get tired but have been sleeping well. I’m not as busy as last year. Tomorrow, I will visit with a former president of Nigeria. It is rainy season and lots more rain than Thailand. Traffic is horrible and no one obeys road signs, rules, etc. It is a completely lawless society when there is no policeman around. Again this year, there are lots of soldiers about. There was a huge armoured car in front of the church I attended and a machine gun emplacement out front with a .50 caliber machine gun. Most soldiers carry AK-47 type weapons and sidearms. There are actually three churches together and an oil pipeline in the rear. The soldiers were protecting the oil pumping station rather than the churches.

Please pray for the following:

1. Safety as I travel in Lagos and my meeting schedule. We need to meet with lots of people but have not always been able to get there on time because of HORRIBLE traffic.

2. Favor with people and open doors to meet key leaders.

3. That the conference on 22nd and 23rd will be well attended and
people will be inspired to become a new missions force for Nigeria,
all of Africa and the world.

4. Meeting with the former president tomorrow.

5. That I would be able to lose some weight on this trip, and maintain good health and energy.

6. That God would use me and fill my mouth with His words wherever I go.

Thanks for praying

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