Sharing God’s Hope in Desperate Times: July 2020 Mission Update

Hello MM family! Thanks for continuing to lovingly support Message Ministries during these challenging times.
This month, we’ve continued sharing the gospel and practical needs worldwide by God’s grace and your support. In fact, we’ve been able to give beyond our regular monthly commitments for many months (only now are we starting to fall behind)! We’ve included several brief updates from the last thirty days of ministry to show what God has accomplished through our teamwork.
Ministering to the Needy in Pachacutec
– Lima, Peru
COVID-19 has hit Peru hard, leaving members of La Viña Church in Pachacutec praying for God’s help. Many citizens of Pachacutec already suffer intense poverty, poor health, and unclean living conditions.The pandemic has made matters worse, leaving many believers unemployed and struggling to afford basic needs.
On June 27, Pastor Fabian Santillan, his wife, and the ministry team of La Viña Church held a special meeting to help needy brothers and sisters in Pachacutec. Our partners used your generous gifts to prepare and give out Share God’s Hope Food Packs to church members in need. We are blessed to be part of God’s answer to their prayers.
These food packs came at just the right time. I want to thank you on behalf of these people and many more. Together, by God’s grace, we are making a difference! Gloria a Dios!
Please continue to pray for Pastor Fabian and Cecilia as they minister to the needy during this difficult time.
Serving the Poor in Costa Azul
– Lima, Peru
We are honored to serve the Lord with Pastor Julio Ayala and Cristo Sanador Divino Church as they continue to share God’s hope to the impoverished children and families of Costa Azul. Pastor Julio wrote the following message:
“Pastor Brian, Good evening. I am sending you these photos. We delivered 60 bags of groceries to the children of the Saturday School of Charismatic Christian Community Cristo Sanador Divino in Costa Azul. Many blessings to you, your wife, and also to your entire group.”
Thank you for your prayers and donations which made this relief work possible! Also, please continue to pray for Pastor Julio, the ministry workers, and the people of this community. Thank you!
Special Outreach in Lomas De Carabayllo
– Lima, Peru
In July, we had the honor of partnering with Pastor Gilberto Varillas, his wife Doris, and the Dulce Refugio Christian Mission in two separate outreaches to 400 families in their two different church locations.
Besides sharing a delicious hot meal and some brief fellowship, each visitor received a gospel tract to read while waiting in line. They also received a personal invitation to visit the church once gatherings begin again. Many people received prayer and encouragement to receive hope from the Lord Jesus Christ.
Youth Discipleship in Burma
Please pray for Evangelist P., an indigenous missionary we support in Myanmar/Burma with FTS Ministries.
For several years, P. has faithfully shared God’s hope in Burma through sports evangelism and English and guitar lessons. In countries like Myanmar/Burma, these are some of the best ways to reach youth.
P. had to temporarily stop all sports outreach during the national lockdown, but the government has opened the fields once again, and P. has already started a new soccer team to reach Mandalay’s youth with the gospel. Through soccer practices, P. will build a personal relationship with each player. Soon, he’ll seek opportunities to share Jesus with them and their families, and some will likely come to know Jesus Christ. Please pray God opens up their hearts to receive salvation.
Some teens have already received Jesus through Evangelist P’s music, English, and sports outreaches. Please pray God grants P. wisdom as he disciples these new believers.
Thank you for your prayers and support which helps us stand with dynamic young leaders like P.
Did you know that can fully sponsor Evangelist P’s ministry for only $100 a month? We’re praying God will touch someone’s heart to back P’s ministry. If you’d like to learn more about Evangelist P, please click here.
Reaching an Unreached Village in Burma
Our partner ministry, FTS Ministries, sent an outreach team to an unreached village in Burma last week. They preached the gospel, sang songs, gave relief supplies, and led some of the villagers to Jesus Christ. They even baptized new believers. Praise God!
God is using the COVID-19 pandemic to open up many hearts to the gospel of Jesus Christ in the 10/40 Window. Many who once showed resistance to the gospel are now listening intently as our partners declare the real solution for death – eternal life through Jesus Christ.
We feel blessed to partner with ministries like FTS who have the boots on the ground needed to distribute relief supplies and declare the gospel to those who have never heard.
Thank you for helping us to help them fulfill the Great Commission. Glory to God!
Please Pray for God’s Provision!
Dear Friends,
We’ve been able to meet all of our monthly commitments and more from the start of the pandemic up until now. Only this month have we begun to fall behind. We are praying for God to come through, as our monthly mission funding will be disbursed worldwide in mere days.
First, I want to thank our regular donors for your love and support; you have kept this ministry going during a difficult time.
Second, if you receive this e-newsletter and have not given in a while, would you consider helping us with a one-time gift?
Thank you, and God bless. Together we are making a difference!
Brian Weller


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